Apple tipped to launch Apple Car in 2023

Breakthrough anticipated to cause the same level of disruption to the automobile industry that the iPhone brought to mobile phone technology


Apple is set to launch an Apple car sometime between 2023–25, according to a Ming-Chi Kuo, a veteran Apple analyst for TF International Securities.

Project Titan, Apple's rumoured self-driving car programme, has been spoken about for years, but the company has never publicly confirmed its existence.

However, in a recent report published by MacRumours, Kuo stated: "We expect that Apple Car, which will likely be launched in 2023, will be the next star product."

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Kuo added that, when launched, the Apple Car will bring about the same level of disruption that the iPhone brought to the smartphone sector when it first hit markets in 2007.

"Apple's leading technology advantages would redefine cars and differentiate Apple Car from peers' products," Kuo stated.

In the speculative note, Kuo also predicted that Apple will release augmented reality (AR) glasses in 2020. Apple's AR smart glasses would combine of the digital and physical worlds, becoming Apple's next major user interface similar to how the iPhone introduced multi-touch touchscreens, he predicted.

The speculation followed Apple's announcement that it is the first public company to reach a valuation of $1 trillion. Kuo anticipated that these innovations will allow them to reach the $2 trillion mark.

"Services, AR, and Apple Car will create Apple’s next trillion-dollar market cap," Kuo wrote.

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