Apple Pay to soon be a payment option on eBay

The introduction of Apple Pay marks a move away from PayPal as the sole payment system eBay Marketplace


Apple Pay is expected to soon be a payment option on eBay Marketplace, according to Digital Trends. This means that PayPal would no longer be the only payment system for the retail behemoth.

"Apple Pay is one of the most ubiquitous forms of payments and provides users with an easy, fast and secure way to pay," said Steve Fisher, senior vice president of payments at eBay. "Offering Apple Pay as a form of payment on eBay is the first step in providing more choice and flexibility in payment options to our tens of millions of buyers."

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Apple Pay is anticipated to be just the first of many payment providers expected to be introduced over the coming years, Digital Trends reported. The announcement has followed eBay's announcement that it would be managing the end-to-end payment flow on its own platform to improve the buying and selling process on the site. By early fall, buyers should be able to use Apple Pay to purchase items.

eBay will continue to offer additional payment options, but by 2021, customers can expect a uniform payment option.

Fisher added: "Managing the end-to-end payments experience on eBay's Marketplace is a key initiative for the company. As we expand our new payments experience over the coming months, we look forward to offering our global customers many other forms of payments on our platform."

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