Apple Pay now accepted across all Costco stores in the US

The new partnership follows Apple announcing it will be introducing the payment method in CVS and 7-Eleven


Apple has partnered with Costco to introduce Apple Pay across all of its 750 warehouses in the US, following limited trials at selected Costco outlets.

In a statement issued to MacRumors, Costco said: "We've added additional mobile payment options to make your next visit more convenient. Costco members can now use Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung Pay at US Costco locations."

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In addition to the new payment method, the retailer has announced its future plans to extend its support at its gas stations.

As one of the largest retailers in the US, the introduction of Apple Pay in its stores has been a long time coming. Apple has also announced it will be introducing Apple Pay in pharmacy chain CVS and 7-Eleven stores in late 2018.

The announcement demonstrates the growth in interest for such services, as they are expected to account for half of all contactless transactions operated by an OEM by 2020, according to Tech Crunch. The same report shows that the payments method, which also encompasses Google Pay and Samsung Pay, is tipped to reach 450 million consumers.

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