Apple expands further into the US healthcare market

Apple has announced a partnership with medical equipment manufacturer Zimmer Biomet to use the tracking data from the Apple Watch to assist in the recovery of hip and knee replacements


Apple has announced a new partnership with medical equipment manufacturer Zimmer Biomet which will aim to utilize tracking data from the Apple Watch in order to help people undergoing knee and hip replacements. The move signals Apple's intent to expand into the $3 trillion US healthcare market.

The partnership will see the two companies release a new mymobility app, which will help patients prepare for and map the recovery of their surgery. When used with the Apple Watch, the app will assess the user's physical condition and activity, and provide data to healthcare professionals.

Apple and Zimmer Biomet have announced that they aim to enroll 10,000 US citizens in the study, as they aim to determine why certain patients recover faster than their counterparts following the procedures.

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"We believe one of the best ways to empower consumers is by giving them the ability to use their health and activity information to improve their own care," said Jeff Williams, chief operating officer at Apple.

"We are proud to enable knee and hip replacement patients to use their own data and share it with their doctors seamlessly, so that they can participate in their care and recovery in a way not previously possible through traditional in-person visits. This solution will connect consumers with their doctors continuously, before and after surgery," he added.

This move, combined adding an EKG sensor to the new Apple Watch series, shows the tech giant's seriousness in entering the lucrative medical device market, which Research and Markets predicted will value almost $410bn by 2023. 

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