Apple beats Google and Amazon to top brand list

Despite coming in at third place, the report from Interbrand claims Amazon is the fastest growing brand


Apple, Google and Amazon have been ranked the top three global brands, respectively, in a recent list, Best Global Brands 2018, devised by Interbrand.

Coming in fourth and fifth place, Microsoft and Coca-Cola also topped the list, which was dominated primarily by US tech companies.

Interbrand assigned a dollar value to the companies, with Apple coming in at a value of more than $214bn, Google at $155.5 and Amazon at almost $101bn. Apple and Amazon recently became the two first publicly traded companies to be worth a trillion dollars.

However, despite coming in third, the report noted just how successful Amazon's business model had become.

"Amazon was the fastest growing brand, because of its desire to be "the most customer-centric company on Earth"," the report stated.

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"It has reinvented almost every sector… it revamped its Fire Phone to become the Amazon Echo smart speaker, Amazon MP3 to become streaming music service Amazon Music Unlimited, and its 2010 crowdsourcing platform for screenwriters into Amazon Studios' Emmy Award–winning original TV shows," it added. "What's more, according to Morgan Stanley, Amazon's fashion business has become the second largest seller of apparel in the US."

Several high-profile companies saw their positions fall significantly after a tough year. Facebook fell to ninth place after breaking into the top ten at eighth place last year, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal in April which substantially damaged its public image. Meanwhile, Tesla dropped off the top 100 list altogether following a year marked by scandals.

Overall, the list showed significant economic gains in general from 2017, with the combined value of the top 100 coming in at just more than $2 trillion, up almost 7% from the previous year.

Interbrand's top 10 most valuable brands in 2018:

1. Apple ($214bn)

2. Google ($155bn)

3. Amazon ($101bn)

4. Microsoft ($93bn)

5. Coca-Cola ($66bn)

6. Samsung ($60bn)

7. Toyota ($53bn)

8. Mercedes-Benz ($49bn)

9. Facebook ($45bn)

10. McDonald's ($43bn)

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