Apple Are Now Becoming Victims Of Their Own Success

Has their quest for perfection set them up for a fall?


It is an established fact that Apple has changed consumer electronics. Now everything is expected to work seamlessly, with no snagging between hardware and software, with beautifully designed devices and innovative ideas.

The iPhone is a prime example, before that phones that attempted to do everything an iPhone could were clunky, ugly and difficult to use. The iPhone came along and reinvented the way that people interact with their devices.

Similarly, the Macbook has become the go-to device for people looking for the fastest and most reliable computers. Due to every component in the devices being designed in house, it also means that they last longer as there are no hardware conflicts.

It equates to people thinking of Apple as efficient and perfectly designed. It is thought of as the best that you can get within consumer electronics and that they succeed where others have failed.

This is a reputation that almost any company in the world would kill for, but the reality is that Apple are finding that they have become victims of their own success.

We have seen with reviews of the Apple Watch, that people have come to almost expect too much from the tech giant. Where another company may have tried but not quite got it right, Apple will have failed. It makes it increasingly difficult for them to excel in the eyes of the public and the media. Essentially anything less than perfection is now a failure. 

Even though the device is so much better than all smart watches before it, because it was not perfect, to many it was a failure. There has been talk about this only being the first iteration and the next generation will be better, but the reality is that the expectation surrounding the Apple Watch means that it is seen by most as a failure.

It is something that Apple is now going to need to deal with in future as their domination of the digital device space increases and the expectation on their shoulders increase. Will it destroy the company? Probably not. Will it allow others to make significant headway in catching them up? Potentially. 


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