Amazon to introduce AR “changing room”

Using customer's photos, Amazon is developing "virtual mannequins" of users that allow customers to try on outfits using AR technology


Amazon is developing "virtual mannequin" software to allow customers to try on outfits using an augmented reality (AR) model of themselves created from social media photos, according to a UK patent the company filed with the Intellectual Property Office.

The AR "changing rooms" data mines pictures saved on a user's phone or computer to create an AR mannequin of the person wearing clothes on sale, so they can decide whether to purchase the item without having to physically try it on. Customers will be able to indicate their "like" or "dislike" of products by swiping left or right.

Additionally, the app will use algorithms to analyze photos and appointments to find out a person's job, the climate they live in and their hobbies and will use this data to suggest outfits for upcoming events.

"If the access device determined the temperature was hot, it may be more appropriate to display warm weather clothing rather than skiing clothes," the patent application read.

"If a [calendar] event was entitled "business meeting with James" the images showing professional wear may be selected. If it was entitled "dancing with friends", leisure or club-wear may be given preference during the selection process."

To use Amazon's new "personal shopper, customer's must grant access to their personal data to allow the company to build the virtual mannequin. 

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