Amazon to fund computer science classes at more than 130 NYC schools

Following its decision to move one of its second headquarters to Queens, New York, Amazon has announced it is funding computer science courses in more than 130 local schools


Amazon has announced it will be funding Introductory and Advanced Placement (AP) computer science classes at more than 130 high schools in the New York City area.

The funding, which will reach around a quarter of the total number of high schools in the city, is part of Amazon's Future Engineer program which aims to fund computer classes for more than 100,000 underprivileged children in 2,000 low-income high schools in the US.

"We want to help make sure more children across New York City gain the coding skills necessary to have successful careers in many fields," said Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon's Worldwide Consumer business.

"We are excited that Amazon Future Engineer will immediately impact more than 130 schools and thousands of students who do not currently have access to computer science education. We will continue to invest in bringing these classes to more schools in New York City and across the US," he added.

The funding will be spread across all five New York boroughs and will include more than 30 schools in Queens, where Amazon has announced it will open one of its new headquarters.

Amazon's decision follows the backlash the retail colossus has faced since announcing it will be moving its new headquarters to Queens, a move that has critics claiming that the cost of housing will skyrocket in addition to displacing locals and increasing traffic in the area.

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