Amazon disclose new ML capabilities for AWS

Ahead of this year's AWS Re:Invent conference, Amazon has announced a myriad of new capabilities to its AI services


This week, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud service subsidiary of Amazon, shared some details regarding the new AI capabilities it is bringing to its service. The announcement comes ahead of this year's AWS Re:Invent conference happening at the end of November in Las Vegas.

The new capabilities will primarily affect three of AWS' AI services: Amazon Polly, Amazon Translate and Amazon Transcribe. All three services will soon support up to 14 new languages, dialects and accents. This will increase Amazon Polly's total text-to-speech service's portfolio to 57 different voices in 28 languages. According to Amazon, users will be able to integrate the service into their own applications with no formal machine learning (ML) skills.

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Likewise, Amazon Translate has expanded into 21 new languages and is now capable of 417 different translation combinations. Some of the new languages added include Swedish, Polish, Danish, Hebrew, Dutch, Indonesian and Korean. Meanwhile, Amazon's automatic speech recognition service, Amazon Transcribe, will now recognize the British and Australian English accent as well as Canadian French. The service will now also allow users to connect live audio streams to the service and Amazon Transcribe will be able to transcribe it into text in real time.

As competition in the ML cloud services market continues to intensify, AWS is doing everything it can to ensure its place at the top. The company even announced that it will be making Translate and Transcribe, as well as Amazon Comprehend –AWS' natural language processing service capable of uncovering insights and relationships in text – more accessible to the healthcare industry.

In a blog post on the AWS site, Amazon revealed it strived to make its services compatible with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIIPAA) in order to "allow customers to leverage these AWS ML services to better streamline customer support and improve patient engagement".

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