Amazon considering opening 3,000 cashier-less stores by 2021

The expensive and aggressive move from the retail giant signals a new move in its plan to redefine the retail experience


Amazon is considering a plan to open as many as 3,000 of their cashier-less grocery stores, Amazon Go, by 2021, according to Bloomberg.

This would establish them as a huge threat to the retail giant's brick and mortar competitors, such as 7-Eleven.

Bloomberg has also reported that it is experimenting with a format which establishes Amazon Go as a place to "simply pick up a quick bite to eat", meaning it will go head to head with established fast food chains like Subway.

Amazon Go first went public with its flagship store in Seattle on January 22, 2018. The store uses "walk around" technology which means that, equipped with the Amazon Go app on their phone, all customers have to do is scan a QR code at the entry turnstiles then pick up what they want and walk out. On leaving, the app takes the money out from customer's Amazon account and emails a receipt. In August, a second store, also in Seattle, opened.

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This potential plan will be a huge and expensive undertaking, as the original store took over a year to be set up and was reported to cost more than $1m on hardware alone. However, it is in keeping with Amazon's recent ambitious and aggressive attempts to diversify and dominate several markets as it tries to overtake Apple as the largest publicly traded company.

"Such an expansion could put Amazon back into an investment cycle," reported Bloomberg. "Bezos is willing to lose money on long-term initiatives when he smells opportunity. Amazon Web Services, the company’s fast-growing and profitable cloud-computing business, was unprofitable for years and Bezos stuck with it."

Bloomberg added: "Amazon also routinely loses money expanding internationally."

The plan would signal a new move in Amazon's plans to redefine the retail experience and dominate the market.

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