Amazon and Uber compete to buy Deliveroo

The two companies' attempt to buyout the London-based startup which demonstrates their plans to become serious competitors in the food delivery industry in Europe, Asia and Australia


It has been revealed that Amazon has made two preliminary approaches for Deliveroo, including one from last year, following reports that, last week, Uber and the food-delivery app held early-stage talks about a possible deal, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The London-based startup was founded in 2013 and has experienced such success and was valued at $2bn in 2017. It delivers food in around 200 cities in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia, however it has yet to make waves in the crowded US market.

Uber and Amazon have both been making recent forays into the food delivery market. Uber established the online food ordering and delivery platform, Uber Eats, in 2014 while Amazon began offering restaurant food delivery to its prime customers in 2016. Both evidently see the acquisition as a chance to expand their offerings in the food delivery industry, particularly in the markets Deliveroo operate in.

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Of Uber's moves to acquire Deliveroo last week, Bloomberg reported: "An acquisition price is unknown. Any offer would need to be considerably above its latest valuation, according to people with direct knowledge of Deliveroo plans."

The report added: "The talks could fall apart, in part because Deliveroo and its investors have been reluctant to relinquish independence".

Spokespeople at Deliveroo, Amazon and Uber have so far declined to comment on the deal.

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