Amazon and Sonos expand Alexa partnership

Amazon enables Alexa Announcements feature to be permitted on Sonos speaker systems


Amazon has revealed that the Amazon Announcements feature will now be enabled in the Sonos One and Beam speaker systems. The move is part of an expansion of an existing partnership between the two companies, as Amazon's AI assistant Alexa had already been enabled on Sonos systems. However, Amazon had limited the Amazon Announcement feature to its speaker system, the Echo.

The Amazon Announcement feature connects all Alexa-enabled speakers in a house and allows users to send audio messages, along with sound effects, to all connected speakers without need for further user interaction.

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Amazon and Sonos' 2017 partnership was part of a larger move by Sonos to integrate as many AI assistants as possible into its first speaker to include a microphone, the Sonos One. However, Amazon limited the functionality of the partnership, demonstrably with the exclusion of the Announcements feature. That will end this week as Amazon is scheduled to send out an automatic update to all its English-language systems in the US, the UK and Canada.

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