Amazon and Netflix to up European content due to new law

A new EU quota means both streaming services will need to ensure 30% of their content libraries are European-made by December


Netflix and Amazon will soon have to ensure that 30% of their EU libraries are local to the region as the European Commission has announced its plans to enshrine preliminary agreements on local content quotas reached earlier in 2018 into law.

Roberto Viola, who heads up the commission in charge of networks, content and technology regulations across the EU, said in an interview with Variety that the vote is "merely a formality", indicating that the law will probably pass by December.

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Once the law passes, all EU member countries will have 20 months to put them in place, with the option of increasing their countries quota to 40% or to mandate that the platforms produce a minimum number of movies and shows within their country. Members will also have the option of following Germany's current model of applying a surcharge on subscription fees to go toward national film funds.

Netflix has already begun investing heavily in local markets, with plans to devote $400m to Canadian content over the next five years meaning it is already close to the EU's 30% local content quota within the region.

Viola also illuminated some of the commission's future plans regarding digital content, with changes to the amount YouTube pays in copyright fees to creators potentially being increased in coming months.

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