Almost one-fifth of US households own two or more connected health devices

Parks Associates research has found that the number of households using connected health devices has grown by 16% since 2017


A total of 19% of US broadband households now own two or more connected health devices, reflecting an increase of 16% since mid-2017, Parks Associates research has found.

Parks Associates has linked the increasing use of such devices to the growing number of instances of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

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Additionally, one of the prime drivers is seniors' growing desire to live independently, with 82% of seniors participating in the study having said they want to live at home in their golden years. This has seen the growth of solutions such as video-IoT that allows them to connect with families, caregivers and first responders in the case of an emergency.

Among younger users of connected devices are those using fitness devices; however, the research suggests interest in using these has waned in recent years.

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"Among connected fitness device owners who no longer use their device, a third say they lost interest," said Kristen Hanich, research analyst at Parks Associates. "Keeping users engaged in their health is a key challenge that device makers must face."

Hanich added: "In our research, we've seen device makers succeed using two very different strategies – making their devices so seamlessly intertwined with their users' lives that they are frictionless and almost invisible, and adding more advanced functionality that goes beyond basic monitoring and tracking."

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