Alibaba partners with Paytm to develop AI cloud computing platform

The new partnership will broaden Alibaba's portfolio globally and within the Indian subcontinent


Chinese ecommerce giant, Alibaba, has announced a new partnership with Indian mobile payment firm, Paytm, to launch an AI cloud computing platform.

The software, named Paytm AI Cloud, is targeted at Indian-based developers, startups and enterprises.

It will offer a range of business-centric apps for organizations in need of high-quality solutions for cloud computing and will include ready-to-use services allowing businesses to automate their workflow, integrate payments, and provide messaging and customer engagement tools without the hassle of managing hardware and software.

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On the partnership, Sujit Kumar Mishra, vice president of Paytm, commented: "Every new-age organization needs to be AI-enabled. They need access to infrastructure to quickly sandbox their ideas, run through multiple experiments and iterate hypotheses without worrying about managing their infrastructure. They need growth engines to acquire customers, engage one-to-one with them and AI-empowered systems to predict their business."

Mishra added that, in order to achieve this, companies "need better collaboration and workflow automation tools to become more productive and efficient".

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"Paytm AI Cloud packages all these into one; saving organizations time, money and resources, so they are able to better focus on building products that change the world," he noted.

The news followed Alibaba's announcement that it had invested $300m in Big Basket, an online grocery store, marking its plans to broaden its portfolio. 

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