AI that writes candy hearts developed in time for Valentine's Day

Just in case you were struggling to get in the romantic mood, a US research scientist has created a machine-learning algorithm that writes such lyrical candy messages as "LOVE 2000 HOGS YEA"


AI is beginning to seep into every facet of modern-day life, so it comes as no surprise that it is being used to add a bit of computer-generated romance into Valentine's Day 2019. One US research scientist, Janelle Shane, has latched onto the romantic mood by programming a machine-learning algorithm to write its own messages for candy love hearts.

The neural network created some interesting messages that could almost pass for the real thing, such as "MY BEAR", "LOVE BUN", "YOU ARE BABE" and "YOU A LOVE". However, the majority of the messages were downright bizarre, like the romantic "ALL HOVER", or the mushy "LOVE 2000 HOGS YEA", or the Innovation Enterprise Editorial Team's all-time favorite pick-up line: "BOG LOVE."

"I collected all the genuine heart messages I could find, and then gave them to a learning algorithm called a neural network," explained Shane in her blog. "Given a set of data, a neural network will learn the patterns that let it imitate the original data – although its imitation is sometimes imperfect. The candy heart messages it produced… well, you be the judge."

While these AI-generated love hearts are unlikely to be picked up by stores any time soon, as Shane pointed out, as bizarre as they are, they are at least earnest.

Check out the algorithm and write your own messages for bae this Valentine's Day using Shane's neural network here.

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