AI takes us a step closer to breast cancer detection

Health-care company, Cyrcadia, aims to put AI technology at the forefront of the battle against breast cancer


iFLYTEK, a Chinese IT and artificial intelligence company have invested $3.8m into Cyrcadia Asia, the inventors of iTBra, an early breast cancer detection device.

The investment will enable Cyrcadia to complete the development of iTBra which is said to potentially launch later this year. iTBra is the product of over 10 years of research with an existing FDA clearance of $510K.

Rob Royea, CEO and chairman of Cyrcadia, said: "We are delighted to have iFlytek backing us as both an investor and as a strategic partner at the cutting edge of AI and healthcare."

"Cyrcadia's technology will empower women to monitor their breast health with more comfort and convenience than the current screening methods, and will likely save lives through detecting cancers at an earlier stage, when they can be much more easily treated, often without chemotherapy," he stated.

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The device uses cloud-based AI technology to monitor metabolic changes which are proven to correlate with breast cancer symptoms. Cyrcadia's device contains two breast patches which can detect temperature changes within breast tissue – the data obtained from the iTBra is communicated directly to the Cyrcadia's core lab for analysis via a PC or smartphone app.

Tao Xiaodong, iFLYTEK CEO, said: "As Cyrcadia's user base grows, it has the potential to be the world's largest database of breast health and breast cancer incidence and we hope in the near future we can make a major contribution to research, prevention and treatment of the disease."

The development is said to have defining benefits for the Asian market where breast cancer is currently the most common type of cancer in women and where breast screening is still relatively low. According to China's cancer registry, breast cancer is expected to account for 15% of all new cancers in women.

"The partnership with iFlytek opens numerous avenues for deployment of cloud-based AI applications for improved breast cancer diagnosis for all clinicians," Rob added.

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