AI shopping cart to automate the checkout experience

Caper has begun to deploy its Caper AI cart installed with built-in sensors to assist brick-and-mortar stores succeed in today's digital age


US-based computer software company Caper has rolled out its AI-powered self-checkout shopping cart, called Caper AI, with the intention to help brick-and-mortar stores succeed in today's digitally-driven era.

In a statement, Caper said that its AI shopping cart is the first of its kind, leverages computer vision and offers shoppers with an on-the-go experience.

Caper AI is currently operating in 2 grocery chains in New York however the names of the grocery chains were not disclosed.

Director of operations at Caper, Eduardo Sánchez-Iriarte, said that it has already ena bled grocers to increase the average basket size by 18%.

The cart integrates computer vision to train its deep learning models to streamline shopping. The cart uses an interactive interface to interact with shoppers, suggesting recommended items and providing a store map. The cart offers businesses a "plug-and-play solution – no installation is required, and no operational restructuring is needed," Caper said.

"Shoppers can simply throw items into their Caper cart, and built-in sensors identify the items and tally a virtual basket. During the shopping journey, Caper helps shoppers discover in-store deals with its interactive screen. Once done, they can conveniently pay on the cart and leave the store," Caper said.

"Caper's AI-powered shopping cart is a plug-and-play solution – no installation is required and no operational restructuring is needed," Caper said.

The company has raised approximately $3.5m in funding and has plans to roll out a further 150 carts in 2019.

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