AI and automation investment to increase 5G delivery in the US

Ericsson aims increases investment in AI, automation and 5G speed technology


Swedish telecom company Ericsson has announced plans to increase its investment of artificial intelligence (AI), automation and 5G speed technology in the US.

The investment is seen as a strategic initiative to enable Ericsson to meet the growing demand of 5G delivery and strengthen customer engagement in the region.

The investment will introduce the production of 5G base stations to increase research and development and to shorten customer product delivery. Additionally, the increased investment in AI and automation is said to offer employment to approximately 100 specialists to accelerate integrate of automation, examine product roadmaps and create potential business opportunities.

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Börje Ekholm, President and CEO of Ericsson, said: "The US is our largest market, accounting for a quarter of Ericsson's business over the last seven years. To serve the demand of these fast-moving service providers, we are strengthening our investment in the US to be even closer to our customers and meet their accelerated 5G deployment plans."

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, "In 2023, 48% of subscriptions in North America and 34% in North East Asia are expected to be for 5G."


Written by Innovation Enterprise Digital Content Editor, Simorin Pinto

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