Advice From eBay On Building Data Platforms

We speak data with Arun Karthick Manoharan, Senior Product Manager at eBay


Ahead of his presentation at the Big Data Innovation Summit in Boston on September 8 & 9, we spoke to Arun Karthick Manoharan, Senior Product Manager at eBay. 

Arun is a Sr product manager at eBay working on building next generation data platforms. He is currently involved in developing Hadoop eagle the monitoring product focussed on securing Hadoop data. 

Innovation Enterprise: How do you see the use of data in companies developing over the next 5 years?

Arun: The platforms and technologies to store and analyze vast amounts of data have gotten way better in the open source. Hadoop is now the defacto data platform for storing big data. We are also seeing a lot of momentum in messaging, streaming and stream processing using Kafka, Storm and Spark, especially for machine learning workloads. Over the next 5 years, I think there will be a lot of work done in democratizing data and starting to see real business impact using data and we will also start to see products developed using artificial intelligence.

What should companies do to improve their data security in the wake of the several widely reported hacks of the last 2 years?

To me Data Security is multi-dimensional. You need to think about security in a holistic way. It should be a part of any company's DNA that they should be very cautious handling user data. From the technology standpoint, you need to look at protecting the network, platforms and even protect the data with things like masking, strong ACL's, good governance and monitoring to make sure the data does not fall into wrong hands.

What advice would you give to a company making their first moves into implementing a new data program?

Spend a lot of time on understanding the use case and the business value it will generate. Then start investing in technologies which will help you collect, process and consume the data. I personally start with open source technologies because it's proven and there are lot more resources available. Also, it's very important to standardize the platforms you use to build applications because it will be a nightmare to have too many platform options to support various use cases.

Arun will be speaking at the Big Data Innovation Summit in Boston on September 8 & 9

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