Adobe unveils AI-fueled virtual analyst to drive business revenue

The new virtual analyst is built on existing Adobe technology and integrates the companies AI and machine learning models


Adobe has introduced a new virtual analyst to its Adobe Analytics platform which will integrate AI and machine learning technology to improve its current AI-driven capabilities and enhance data insights.

According to Adobe, the virtual analyst "is built on an umbrella set of solutions in Adobe Analytics." by utilizing existing technologies such as its Intelligent Alerts platform which was launched in 2016 within Adobe Analytics, it is to offers users the ability to manually define triggers based on anomalies.

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The new AI-fueled assistant will leverage Adobe's AI and machine learning model, Adobe Sensei, to drive more value from any overlooked insights to improve user experience and drive competitive advantage.

"This can include valuable insights around what drove unexpected spikes or drops in key metrics, such as online orders and web traffic, critical to addressing escalations in real-time and finding new opportunities to grow revenue," Adobe explained.

Adobe Analytics director of product management John Bates said: “We took our time to build the new virtual analyst, spending years rigorously validating the technology with real customer data and training the AI model to make sure the outputs solved real problems."

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