A New Look

With this issue, we introduce a new look for CFO.


Life has changed for finance executives: business is more global, CFOs are more strategic, and, in general, everyone has less time to absorb more information. Because life has changed for you, it has also changed for us. So with this issue, we introduce a new look for CFO.

Like software vendors, fashion designers, or car manufacturers, we turned to you, our customers, for advice on what to keep and what to alter.

Some of the differences are subtle, others conspicuous. Among the most obvious: we have added new content to the magazine. "By the Numbers" will showcase proprietary research from CFO and analyze statistics on current issues. "View from," written by the editors of CFO Europe,CFO Asia, and CFO China, will offer a window into the problems facing your peers in these regions, and how those problems may affect you.

"Insight" represents a departure for CFO. Relatively few of the articles in this section will deal with the nuts and bolts of financial management. Instead, "Insight" will dissect contemporary management theories in the interest of helping you make better strategic decisions.

That's not to say that we've abandoned the nuts and the bolts. We have, in fact, expanded our back-of-the-book section "In Practice" to offer more practical advice on day-to-day operational issues.

Credit for developing the blueprint for this redesign goes to David Armario Design. But kudos for bringing it to life must go to the art team — design/art director Robert Lesser and associate art director Jenna Talbott. Without their hard work, patience, and sheer creative talent, this edition would never have seen the light of day.

We hope the new CFO does an even better job of meeting your evolving needs. As always, we look forward to your feedback on our efforts.


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