Five Reasons For Publishers To Pay Attention To Their Data

Why publishers need to look closer at their data


As digital publishing has exploded over the past 5 years, publishers are finding that the most important aspect to ongoing success is as much about graphs as graphic design.

Data and the ability to measure engagement has changed the ways that publishers are creating content. Below are the top 5 reasons why publishers need to pay attention to their data:

Creating the best environment

If the majority of your traffic is visiting you from a particular platform, be that mobile, tablet or desktop, you need to create the best environment for these people to view you work.

Your data can tell you how they are viewing your content and you can them utilise this to make it as digestible as possible for them in that format.

Communicating with people where they are

Different communities and demographics will have different associations and cultural references. If I were to use a phrase or reference that has no resonance with the majority of my audience, then this would not only put them off, but could alienate them altogether.

Through using analytics and paying attention to where your audience is and what their interests may be, then you can maximise engagement and minimise any confusion.

Allowing them to share how they want

One of the major reasons for the success of digital marketing has been the use of social media. It has means that people can share content that they find interesting with their friends and others who have the same interests. This could be through pictorial form on Instagram, professionally on Linkedin or socially on Facebook. What is important is to see where your content is being shared most freely through the entrance points.

Once you have identified the pathways into your site, you can make it as easy as possible to use them. Make social sharing icons on your site for the most popular way you are being shared. See what kind of sharing is taking place and try to identify other areas where this can take place. If you are having many people entering your site through Instagram, is it worth looking at Pinterest?

Making the path around a site easy

Today’s readers are fussy and will spend a significant amount of time trying to find reasons to not read something. We are bombarded with articles and we are now looking as much for reasons to not read something as we are for hooks to read it in the first place. One of the most important aspects of this is poor UX on a site.

If I am going to spend 5 minutes working out how to use a site, I will simply go to another site. Therefore, it is important to use data to see how people are moving around the site, where they could be bottle necks or how certain structural aspects of the site are being interacted with.


The most important aspect of data for today’s publisher is it’s use in advertising.

Data now allows us to not only see how many people are using a site, but who is using it and what their interests are. Therefore data can be used to not only tell an advertiser that a certain number of people saw their ad, but that a certain number of people who are interested in their products can see it. Content can be created to attract these particular demographics and advertisers can see through numbers, how many people have seen it.

This means happy advertisers, more adverts and increased revenues.

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