Which Cloud Based Apps Should You Be Looking At?

Companies may know about the cloud, but many lack knowledge of specific apps


Thanks to the cloud, there are now several emerging easy-to-use cloud-based business-productivity applications that can help to streamline business processes and day-to-day operations. More and more businesses are focusing on the adoption of cloud-enabled services, with Forbes revealing that 78% of U.S. small businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing by 2020 more than doubling the current 37% today.

However, many pioneering businesses are still unaware of the many cloud solutions that can help to attain better functional scalability and flexibility. So, here’s an insight to how various cloud-based applications can help startups to meet their objectives quickly and cost-effectively:

Apps with a Complete-Suite of Data Management Features:

Managing resources, clients, customers, documents and projects are simple with the use of cloud-based business solutions such as 'Apptivo' which holds around 40 cloud supportive business applications. It can help to answer business concerns such as project management, estimations, invoicing, sales reporting, sales force management and more with free-of-charge applications. Cloud data management is a good fit for almost every organization and deploying such tools for data management reduces both system maintenance costs and capital expenditures.

Apps with Features that Support Marketing Efforts:

Used by thousands of businesses across the world, cloud-based tools like GoSuite can aid in feeding better marketing and business management efforts. Creating opportunities for businesses, GoSuite and similar software has components such as GoBook and GoPromote, which can be incredibly useful. GoBook offers businesses services to keep a track of important statistics such as conversion rates, top customers, total appointments and revenue. And GoPromote as the name suggests, allows companies to build their own deals and offers and promote them via social media networks.

Technologies for Swift Business Functionalities

The cloud allows companies to implement new technologies without needing the technological power in house. For instance, Apache Spark can be up and running in hours on cloud servers, where creating the systems to run it in house could take months. Also, pay-per-use service model supported by cloud technologies enables scaling-up of resources as per volume growth and business requirement.

Cost-Effective Solutions to Manage Finances:

To overcome all the hassles associated with accounting, SMBs can leverage simple, easy-to-use cloud finance applications such as FreshBooks or Outright. As they are hosted accounting services, the complete business data can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Organizing finances, expense tracking and other accounting tasks can be completed in the blink of an eye. Whether it concerns adding new clients' data or generating a new invoice, FreshBooks' helpful UX streamlines the business processes. Also, existing accounts such as credit cards, eBay, Paypal and other bank accounts can be linked to outright which makes it easy to import full transaction history. Also, the entire data can be organized into IRS-approved tax categories, which significantly reduces the workload at tax time.


Drive more mileage from existing resources - and enhance the business productivity with cloud solutions. Essentially, cloud enabled business environments will allow for flexible business use - from customer relationship management and website hosting to storage and backup. The entire business database resides in data centers situated offsite instead of storing it on computers' hard drives. Employees can also access the data using any device that connects to the internet. 




Shraddha Tewari, skilled and accomplished ‘Digital Marketing Strategist’ is formally associated with AceCloudHosting that offers services related to QuickBooks Cloud. Also, she possess nearly 5 years of experience in technical writing. Her strong interest in cloud technology and software developments armed with technological background helps her associations to streamline business processes.

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