9 Tips To Become A Big Data Pro

The Big Data world may be daunting for those starting out in the industry, so here is the (un)official guide to becoming a Big Data genius.


When starting out in a data role, it can often be an overwhelming feeling. If you are fresh out of college or moving from a small company to a much larger one, the jump can often be daunting. 

Equally, if you are starting a data programme at a new company, you can also have the same terrified feeling, below we have listed the 9 basic steps that should be taken to become a data pro!

1. Don't Be Overwhelmed

2. Start Small

3. Look at The Data You Have

4. So, How Can You Use This Data?

5. Be Inventive

6. Take Inspiration From Others

7. Translate Your Findings to The Rest of The Team

8. Put Your Strategy Into Practice

9. Let The Data Roll In

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