Israel As a Leading Start Up Nation

What is The Secret behind the Success of Israel Innovation Market?


During the Paris terror attacks, Israeli technology was heavily involved in helping to reassure the horrified citizens of Paris that their relatives were alive and safe.

The Times Of Israel reported that in the 24 hours after the Paris attack, millions of people checked in with friends by using Facebook Safety Check - which was invented and developed by the Israel Facebook Team. This safety system was initially intended for use in the detection of people who are lost during natural disasters, but it has since evolved to include a 'Check In' feature that can be used during times of civil unrest by people wanting to know that their loved ones are safe, as was the case during Paris Attacks.

These kinds of innovations have been the driving force behind Israel become a leading global hub for tech startups, with firms currently making a reality from ideas that would once have been thought impossible dreams. Israeli startups are now seeing investment from a number of major global VC Funds, which is enabling rapid growth that will likely see even more innovations and products in the future.

One such startup has managed to create a special sensor that helps children suffering from asthmatic problems to detect an upcoming attack. This sensor is built into a mechanism which is sensitive to the movement of the child when they are asleep, and alerts both the child and parent when their is a potential problem. Asthma can cause a severe lack of oxygen in your body, which can lead to irreversible damage being done. By knowing when an attack will take place, individuals and doctors can help to prevent them, which will likely save many lives.

Sleep problems have been the focus for many tech startups, with a number of innovations being made in the field. For instance, Israeli scientists have compared the DNA of patients who suffer from sleep problems to data collected from similar patients, the aim being that it will help solve issues that can cause insomnia

Cyber security is another area that many Israeli startups are focusing on. Cyber security is a massive issue for all countries, but it is of particular importance within Israel because of the historical tensions within the region. Tech startups are being called upon to find new ways to protect critical information that is contained within things like infrastructure, mobile devices and health data systems - the theft of which could have devastating consequences. 

Israel's startup scene is something that needs to be looked at by all governments trying to create a similar environment in their countries. The secret behind the success of the Israeli start up scene is simple: curiosity and a passion to learn and gain further knowledge. Israelis are educated from a young age to invent new things, and there need to be programs in place that encourage this kind of culture to drive innovation in the future.


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