One product to rule them all

A new, Innovative product to manage your Marketing Technology stack!


For the longest time I have looked for a tool that would enable marketers and digital leadership to understand their company MarTech landscape in an easy way, while easily identifying where their digital strategy and technology capabilities were out of alignment.

Outside of an expensive engagement with a consulting company, we couldn’t find any easy way to accomplish this. Excel, Word, email and awful IT tools to track software were the norm for these teams. Last year, I started to formulate an idea that I would build an easier way for complex companies to manage this problem. Lo and behold, here we are now one step closer to that reality.

The product we are building is a free web based tool that helps large, complex organizations understand what their MarTech landscape looks like in real-time, centralizes this information, helps to identify duplication and redundancy, exposes opportunities for cost reduction and greater efficiency as well as provide clarity into the confusing categories and products in MarTech.

We completed the wire-frames and comps for the product last week. Now we move on to getting it scoped and built out so we can have the Beta before the end of 2015.

The product has 4 main features:

  • Creates a real time Digital Asset Map for your organization tracking your MarTech stack and clearly identifies department ownership, identifying tech duplication and opportunities for cost savings. This view is incredibly beneficial to employees in digital, marketing, ecommerce, procurement, IT and even legal.
  • Helps to educate and inform companies in the midst of the confusion and overload of information around MarTech categories and products. This stuff is getting more convoluted every day and we know everyone needs the help.
  • Generates a MarTech score identifying what you do well, what you can improve on and where the gap is between your digital strategy and MarTech stack
  • Demonstrates how you score against your vertical competition and the larger competitive set within the tool. We are our own worst critics and seeing how everyone else is doing always proves to be enlightening.

We have a long list of other features we will be adding to it on the roadmap for the next 12 months but our focus is to get the product out into the market as quickly as possible.

We have a host of large companies already signed up for the free Beta. You too can sign up to participate at We promise, we won’t SPAM you!


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