8 Tips To Improve Your Product Packaging

Your packaging is almost as important as your product, and your sales can reflect that


While the product or service you sell as a brand may be the most important factor in defining the brand's success, product packaging plays a huge role in the success of sales and can even influence how consumers view the product itself. Because of this, it is very beneficial to dedicate considerable time to creating and choosing a design that best represents your brand and the product in a way that resonates with the target audience. Here are eight tips on how to choose an incredible design for your product packaging.

1. Understand your target market

Understanding who you are selling the product to is perhaps the first step in designing effective packaging. There are various questions to keep in mind, such as whether your target is predominantly male or female, where they buy the product, what information they consider when looking for products, how packaging influences decisions, and more. These questions will influence color palette, packaging shape, and other elements.

2. Choose packaging that makes sense for the physical product

It is important to select packaging that aligns with where the product will be sold and what product is inside. Some products, such as glass items or liquids, may need a little extra protection to ensure that they reach the consumer intact. This may involve a more durable package or padding on the inside of the package. Consider a size and shape that is transported easily and is reasonable for the product and where it will be sold.

3. Make it clear what you are selling

The package design should clearly convey what the product is and shouldn't display misleading information or images. If using images, use an image that depicts the product accurately. If you sell organic coconut milk, non-GMO cereal, or a vegan clothing item, then make those details clear, as they can set you apart from competition. The package design should convey the value of what is inside.

4. Make the packaging easy to open

Packaging that is difficult to open can cause headaches and may even result in damage to the product inside. This may hurt the reputation of the product and decrease the likelihood of repurchases. Make the package simple to open, whether that be a 'tear here' tab or an easy-twist cap. If the product requires a little extra security in the packaging, make the open method obvious or consider putting directions on the packaging.

5. Consider what It will look like In stores

Think about where your product will be sold and keep in mind variables dependent on this location. Ask yourself questions such as how much of the packaging will be visible, what fonts are clearest from the consumer's perspective, what color and design will stand out from competition, and more. If you sell your product online and in various store locations, consider a design that can be adapted between channels or fits well within each channel.

6. Create a versatile package design

Versatility is important when it comes to packaging because it allows the design to be altered slightly based on variations in your products, whether that be a different style of shoe, a new flavor of food, or another variable that may require a slight change in color or design. It is also important that the package design can be transitioned to go well with the product inside. As mentioned, versatility can also be helpful when selling products across channels.

7. Choose an appropriate material

The material of the packaging must preserve the product form, freshness, and overall quality. Unique ideas can include reusable packaging, origami packaging to create interesting shapes, and more. Also, take into consideration what is important to consumers, as recyclable and sustainable packaging has become a more prominent and desired aspect and can increase sales.

8. Invest in quality design elements

The packaging is often the first impression of a product, so it is important to capture the consumer's attention in a positive and memorable way. Invest time and sufficient budget in a professional designer, quality printer, editing software, and other elements to produce a crisp and stunning design that customers can't wait to get their hands on.

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