Eight essential tools for your Amazon business

Building an e-commerce business can be fraught with difficulties, but there are plenty of tools available to help make the process easier


Amazon is the largest retail platform in the world. There is very little that you can't buy on Amazon, so if you are looking to build an e-commerce business, it is worth listing your inventory on there. Most new sellers make mistakes and learn by trial and error. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but if you want to maximize your profits and build a successful business faster, you need to leverage some of the tools available.

Whether you are already an Amazon seller, or you are thinking of making the switch from eBay to Amazon, here are eight essential tools for your business.

Amazon Seller Central App

You'd be crazy not to download the Amazon Seller Central App. It has all the information you need about your account, right there at your fingertips. Keep on track with your inventory, check prices and respond to customers. It tells you how your business is doing at a glance. You can also monitor your account's health to make sure you don't fall foul of Amazon's performance targets and policies.


You need to remain competitive to do well on Amazon. At any given time, you are competing with dozens of other supplies in the same niche, and possibly a lot more if you sell in a competitive niche such as technology. Checking prices every day can be a major time sap. RepricerExpress does the heavy lifting for you. It checks prices against your competitors and adjusts them accordingly.


Creating and printing labels is time-consuming, but if you make mistakes in this area, it can lead to missed orders and negative feedback. Ordoro is the ideal app for sellers who manage their own inventory. You can use the app to batch print labels and select the most appropriate shipping carriers. Once a parcel is on its way, the app sends tracking information to your customers. The app can manage inventory, assign barcodes and issue purchase orders when stock is running low.


Customers can get their money back when an order goes wrong, but sellers can also get refunds from Amazon. FBA sellers often miss out on significant inventory reimbursements through no fault of their own. It can be difficult to get your money back when items go astray or are damaged in vast Amazon warehouses. The AMZRefund app takes care of this for you. It checks the data and runs a report to notify you which orders are eligible for reimbursement. It even gives you instructions on how to claim the money back. And if you don't get as much money back as you were promised, AMZRefund will issue a partial refund.


With so many products available on Amazon's virtual shelves, it is no wonder that many disappear into the ether. Without a targeted PPC advertising campaign, you will struggle to gain visibility for many competitive products unless you cut prices to the bone. AdBadger is an Amazon PPC management service. It can help you maximize sales on Amazon by managing your PPC campaigns. The software will save you time by figuring out which keywords to use and optimizing your bids. AdBadger software provides a managed service for businesses spending more than $7,500 on PPC.

Feedback Express

If you want to become a PowerSeller on any online platform, including Amazon, earning a decent amount of positive feedback is critical. Buyers look at feedback before they buy. The problem is that many buyers don't leave feedback, even if they are happy with their purchases. Feedback Express is designed to make securing feedback nice and easy. The software sends out automated feedback requests to politely remind buyers to leave feedback. It tracks data, so you can measure your feedback statistics and spot when problems occur. If you do have some negative feedback, this gives you an opportunity to put things right. Feedback Express also offers a free trial so users can test the software out before purchasing it.


Sellics is an all-in-one product for Amazon sellers. It uses advanced data analytics to boost sales, improve the performance of PPC campaigns and track your profits. It can also monitor competitors, check reviews, and manage your inventory.


Even if your profits are very modest, maintaining accurate accounts is essential. National revenue authorities rarely accept ignorance as a defense for poor financial management. Use a free bookkeeping tool such as Wave to help you manage your books right from day one. Wave connects to Amazon using Zapier, so all information is correct and updated in real time. It's a very handy financial management tool specially designed for small businesses. And when you are ready to expand your business, it has add-on payroll functionality.

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