Top 5 Unique Sports Tech Gadgets Making Fitness Better

We all know the FitBit, but what about these?


In the age where big data is used to quickly tell us our heart rate, our allergies, and even improve our personalized cancer treatments, it’s no wonder that our gadgets can help make us healthier, and our fitness more effective. You’ve heard about the typical tech like FitBit and the Nike+ Running app, but, there is a vast ocean of technology out there that most users haven’t explored yet. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 unique sports and health tech tools available.

Speedo Aquabeat

Swimmers often get the short end of the stick when it comes to sports technology options. Fortunately, companies like Speedo have developed awesome tools for underwater listening. One advantage to the Speedo Aquabeat over other players is that you can actually see what you’re listening to on it’s display.


Another forgotten sport that tech hasn’t quite caught up with is surf and wakeboarding. This gadget, however, has helped fill the gap board sports has been missing for years. The tool Trace can be mounted to any board to track motion, movement, speed, height, and even the tricks you’ve landed all to be synced with your smartphone. This little gadget offers huge insights into previously untrackable sports.

AiQ Bioman Tank

A big part about making technology a better part of our lives is about making it simpler to incorporate. A lot of tools perform a similar function to this one, but its simplicity is something we can get used to. The AiQ Bioman Tank has a built in heart, temperature, and even breathing monitor. Tracking your run can be as easy as throwing on a shirt.


For volleyball and basketball players, tracking your vertical isn’t always a simple process. But with the app Vert, it can be. This device clips to your clothing and measures your jump and sends the data to your smartphone, even comparing your ability over time. This tool is now the go-to device for USA Volleyball.

Prescription Sunglasses

This one, though not a specific product, deserves honorable mention. Eye protection, however underrated, is essential for many outdoor sports. As eye technology advances, the process for fitting prescriptions to the individual is getting simpler, and ordering prescription sunglasses online is now an easy and simple process. Companies like make the fittings and selection process simple so you can get protection and get going.


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