10 Companies With Great Training Programs

An extensive rundown


Sometimes it seems that everywhere you go there are hoards of untrained workers trying to render service and sell a product that they know nothing about. Worse is the fact that they seem to take no pride in their work and couldn’t care less about pleasing you. In today’s economy, no one can afford to lose even one customer, whether you’re a small start up or larger corporation. So what can you do to put your business at the top of the heap?

First Things First

Focus on training new employees in every area in which they will need to be knowledgeable, whether that is the operation of machinery, filing, answering phones or customer service. Many companies use corporate training programs to systemize the process of making an employee an expert in his or her job.

The top 10 companies with great training programs as per Training Magazine were rated on these and other areas:
• Training reflecting the business’ objectives
• Measurable results
• Ratio of trainers to employees
• A low turnover/high retention rate
• Training for leadership roles
• And much more

10. DPR Construction

Located in Redwood City, California, DPR Construction is a one-stop shop, providing all services for new construction along with a detailed construction plan to minimize cost and maximize satisfaction. Just as any great training program must do, DPR focuses on their best asset, their people. The company has four internally designed programs including a specialized program for future leaders. They also offer tuition reimbursement to employees who desire to further their education (a fantastic way to bolster employee engagement).

9. Blue Cross Blue Shield 

Blue Cross Blue Shield is located in Detroit, Michigan. They offer tuition reimbursement. Their newest training program involves the new heath care reforms. With such big changes in the health care system, intensive training on a company-wide scale was needed. The company invested in a 3 hour, CEO lead training to explain how the changes would affect their jobs and insureds. Close to 100 percent of attendees reported being committed to the new changes.

8. Coldwell Banker

The Madison, New Jersey company has a training plan for up and coming leaders entitled The Coldwell Banker Leadership Series. The program features one of the largest and most comprehensive information sharing platforms of its kind. Employees network with one another, sharing best practices and resources through live meetings, web sessions, social networking, and online discussions. Of course keeping all of this information secure is important as well.  Participants and instructors rate this program and one of the best in the industry.

7. McDonald’s USA, LLC

McDonald’s claim to fame in this competition is its program to educate employees for whom English is a second language. Their program, EUA or English Under the Arches, works toward greater retention rates for gifted employees. As a result of the program, the company boasts 70 percent retention after three years for graduates of EUA.

6. McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Its training program, adapted from a book by Gary Klein called The Power of Intuition, is designed to identify and address the most likely potential risks to avoid lost revenue and accidents. One team was able to save over $250,000 by identifying a single risk.

5. Mohawk Industries, Inc. 

The company has designed a recycling program aimed at recycling 100 percent of waste that, in the past, would go to the landfill. Four of their facilities reached this goal in 2013. The program is called Zero Landfill. This program has had a huge impact on the company, resulting in savings of more than a million dollars by selling material to recyclers and reduced cost in landfill fees.

4. CHG Healthcare Service

CHG’s program goes by the name Lean Training. Lean Training is a series of work sessions per quarter towards a certificate of completion in reducing unneeded processes. In 2013, this process eliminated 1,626 process steps and saved 20,168 labor hours, leading to saving the company $7.3 million in that year alone.

3. Capital BlueCross 

Their leadership training is offered to 7 nominated employees each year. Through a series of leadership challenges, participants work with leaders and the Executive Team to solve problems likely to occur in the real world to build leadership abilities. This program has lead to better cooperation between employees, and a large number of participants are promoted.

2. Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

The BOLD program (Business Objective, Life by Design) teaches focused pursuit of leads, language techniques, and activities to increase leads. The 7-week program attracts realtors from far and wide. In 2013, graduates increased their income by 114 percent.

1. Jiffy Lube International, Inc. 

Associates must be certified on any service they perform; therefore, the company’s certification program is second to none. In 2012 employees earned more than 148,000 certificates. In addition, Jiffy Lube also trains employees in customer service. For the last several years, Jiffy Lube has increased its number of certification programs in 10 categories and doubled their training hours. As a result, Jiffy Lube has seen a 900 percent increase in employee teams with 100 percent certification.

There is no doubt that investing in internal training programs and courses in productivity is some of the best money a company can spend. To grow your business, you must invest in your employees. They are your greatest asset.


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