Customer Experience : "The Next Competitive Battleground"

Have price wars become nice wars?


The benchmark to measure success of any organization is undoubtedly "Customers", but customers are not enough, they need to be a satisfied, loyal, repeat set of customers who would like to associate with your organization time & time again. So what makes your organization "The Chosen One" among the stiff competition that exists and is increasing day by day?

It is the combination of packaged products, services, or solutions you deliver to customers in the most efficient manner. We have some of the pointers that we feel are must haves in your organization.

- You need "Technology Evangelists or Experts" these are the people who should be always upgrading themselves with the best knowledge regarding the portfolio they are currently handling.

- How do you respond to your customers? Or rather how fast do you respond to them? If it takes more than a week to say "YES or "NO", chances are you might lose customers. You need to be proactive enough to make the first call and take down their requirements, they like to be updated on what's happening! So make sure you are staying in touch with them.

- Extra Mile: Now this one can be tricky at times! Your customers would always expect you to walk that extra mile to match their requirements, whether it is pricing, delivery or building applications/deployments and infinite other reasons. You should be able to make decisions which are ethical and would align the best of your organization's & client's interests. Remember both are important.

- Building Relationships: Do you know where your customers is? Are you connected with them on social/professional networks? Not everyone likes to be constantly followed everywhere. You need to "Keep in Touch" with customers after you have made a sale. Let them know how much you value them, because the golden rule is to make your customers happy.


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