7 Top Programming Languages For Developing a Business Site

There are many choices, so wee take a look at the some of the most popular


Every website, whether it’s a single page site or a complex one needs to be developed by using an adequate programming language. Usually, there are many programming languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java, Asp.Net, CSS, etc., used by developers for developing a website. Each programming language has its own syntax, codes, and features that will help in developing a useful site for an online business. After that, the role of a developer is how to utilize all the programming languages smartly to develop useful interfaces, layouts, designs, and plugins. For all these features of a site, a web developer needs to choose the right language and use its codes and syntax correctly.

Different programming languages have their different utilities in the web development field. Many languages are used for developing a website, others for client-server side coding, and more are used for database development and its security firewall coding purposes. All languages have specific features, syntaxes and parameters that need to be understood by a web developer while developing or designing a website for a client.

Let’s Explore Some Of The Widely Used Programming Languages:


PHP was initially called Personal Home Page, but now referred to as Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a multi-paradigm, server-side scripting language developed originally in 1994. This language was used for creating web pages only. Over the time, it was improved and is now being used as a fully featured object-oriented programming language by developers. Presently, web developers are using PHP for creating web applications and other useful web programs.


Java is a fully object-oriented programming language designed by Sun Microsystems in 1995, but later overtaken by Oracle Corporation. Java uses a compiler or Java Run Time Environment for executing any program written in the same language. Also, the Java programs can run on any computer architectures and operating systems by using the JVM environment (Java Virtual Machine). The latest version of Java is Java 8, which can provide high performance in programming and comes with inbuilt Java libraries, languages, and supports the Java run time environment and Java virtual machine to execute programs.


It is an intermediate language that includes many object-oriented programming features as well. C++ empowers many software like Winamp, Adobe programs, Firefox etc. Developers use this programming language frequently for developing useful system software, application software, client-side applications and video games.


This is a high performance server-side programming language used for mobile apps and websites. Python is a general purpose language that enables developers to express a concept in fewer lines of code. The syntax and coding of the python language are easy to learn. However, it’s an ideal programming language for beginners to learn.


Ruby is a dynamic object-oriented scripting language that is simple and productive. It has easy syntax structure to learn and for coding programs. This language is widely used for website and mobile apps too. This language is also simple to learn for beginners. 


This is a high performance scripting language specifically used for programming within web browsers and other web applications. Developers use JavaScript to add more attractive features to a website such as buttons, images, responses etc. Also, this language is compatible with client-side programming.


It is an ideal programming language designed for managing data stored in relational database management systems (RDMS). This language is useful for doing relevant modifications in databases such as changing date & time, deleting and adding data, or just making data accessible.

The above programming languages are widely used by developers for creating business websites, games, mobile, apps and a lot more. So, you can choose any of the language suited to your requirement and make your site more influential and easy to use.


On the whole, there are many types of programming languages available which allow you to develop websites, mobile apps, games, server-side coding, and many more. So, choose the programming language as per your requirements and implement it adequately for the intended purpose.


David Meyer is a web developer in CSSChopper, PHP web development company. He has good knowledge of many programming languages. Also, he has interest in writing articles and blogs on diverse programming language topics for online readers.

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