7 Security Tips That Will Save Millions in the Long Run

We take a look at what we can learn from Sony's cyber attack


Whether we like it or not, more and more security breaches are happening worldwide.

Take for instance the mess Sony Pictures is in right now. Last November, Sony was hit with a gigantic cyber attack that leaked private and insensitive emails from employees, including CEO Amy Pascal, along with employee salaries, employee comments/suggestions, movie scripts and releasing films before their theatrical release. It wasn’t long before news sources ran stories of emails from Pascal and some of Hollywood’s elite celebs, showing the ugly side of Tinseltown. The hackers, Guardians of Peace (North Korean Government), made the initial attack to derail the Sony film “The Interview”, a comedy about the attempted murder of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. The film was eventually released, but Sony’s legacy was already crippling. By February 4, 2015, Sony reported spending an estimated $15 million in the hacking investigation and overall studio recovery. The next day, Pascal had stepped down as Sony CEO.

Flash forward a couple months and the Sony nightmare is still real. The stolen information from November has now been published by WikiLeaks, and the public can browse through 30,287 documents, 173,132 emails and more than 2,200 Sony email addresses. With a ruined image, it will take Sony awhile to get back on its feet from this PR nightmare.

As you can see, Sony has shown just how bad breached private data can be. It’s important to have a plan when it comes to cyber security. Employers and employees need to be aware of the threats their company faces daily and what can happen if they are not careful with sensitive data. Don’t have a cyber security plan? It’s never too late to start one. Below are seven simple cyber security tips that will help not only secure your data, but save millions in the long run.

 Infographic courtesy of SolarWinds

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