7 Reasons Internet Shopping Is Better For Consumers And Businesses

Cyber Monday is the best day of the year for ecommerce companies


The days of doing all your shopping at the family-owned corner store appear to be numbered. Amazon has crushed everything in its path and many former brick-and-mortar operations have moved almost wholly online. Many will mourn this passing, many will write about how it will leave people isolated and that it will destroy the idea of social interaction. That might be true, but for businesses and customers alike, it has many advantages. You can use the code CYBER400 to get 40% off two-day passes to all our upcoming analytics events for 2015 and 2016.

You Can Wear Anything You Want While You Do It

Make shopping more exciting by pretending to be Batman while you do it, only without the embarrassment of people seeing you. 

Instant Delivery

Thanks to the use of technology and analytics in the supply chain, companies like Amazon are now able to reduce delivery times to hours. For example, data can determine where the best place to put depots is, predictive analytics can be applied to gauge where demand will be highest, and warehouses can adjust stock accordingly. It can even help decide how many drivers should be available and what routes they should be out on at different times. So if you want a toaster the same day you ordered it, you’ll get a toaster the same day you ordered it.

No More Waiting Outside Changing Rooms

‘Do you like this?’


‘No you don’t, what about this?’


‘No you don’t, what about this?’


‘No you don’t, what about this?’

Easily Determine Your Customer Base

The obvious advantage of people buying your wares online is the amount of information they have to hand over about themselves in order to make the exchange happen. This enables your business to discover numerous things about your customers that would have been previously almost impossible to know in a brick-and-mortar store. It gives you a far more accurate impression of your customer demographic, for example, you can better target your promotional materials and marketing campaign.

Quickly Adjust Your Offers

Price analytics enables you to adjust your offers in real-time according to supply and demand. If you tried to make your shop’s staff do this, they’d all, quite reasonably, resign in protest. 

No Getting Crushed Under Hoards Of Desperate Consumers

Looking at the data from the previous year’s experiences may offer some help in keeping the baying hoards calm while they tear each other apart getting through the door, such as knowing how many staff to employ on the day of a sale. Judging by this year’s videos, however, most don’t appear to have learnt any lessons.

It’s Cold Outside

Really cold. 

University lecture small

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