7 Proven Ways To Establish Your Brand’s Authority On Instagram

Instagram is an incredible platform for those who have creative ideas and an eye for design.


With 1 billion monthly active users worldwide and 500 million daily users, Instagram is the third-largest social media giant after Facebook and YouTube. 

However, its popularity doesn’t indicate that you can expand your business just by creating an account and posting impressive content. Rather, you need to be extremely good and selective with the content and marketing strategies to (1) establish brand authority and (2) amplify your presence.

So, it’s imperative to talk about the most effective ways to establish your brand on this platform.

Outline the Instagram Strategy

The first step to establish your brand’s authority on Instagram is to have a clear strategy. Remember, a strong Instagram presence means a lasting relationship with the audience and the organic growth of your business.

So, create a strategy that reflects your business goals and have a consistent aesthetic for your content. Whether you are using the platform to drive brand awareness, traffic, or increase your reach, your Instagram strategy must align with your goals.

Build Your Brand’s Persona

A consistent brand persona is key to a successful Instagram marketing campaign. It lets users know what the brand is all about and what more they can expect from a post.

Therefore, it is crucial to find your target audience first. Initially, you can do tests to find what type of content drives conversions, keeping your business values in mind. You can experiment with post timings as well: Find, at what time of day, your followers are most responsive, and schedule Instagram posts accordingly.

Share Endearing Stories

In order to win the audience’s affection, you need to have a clear understanding of what they need. So, the next important way to establish your online presence is to know what your audience wants. Create unique content that is relevant to them and share inspiring stories to connect the community.

As you know, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, so post something that keeps users visiting your profile. You can share fun, behind-the-scene moments to create engaging content. You can get creative with Instagram stories by adding stickers or emojis to grab the attention of the viewers. This helps the audience to recognize your brand in a new way.

Once you acquire 10,000 followers, you can take advantage of the "highlights" feature to extend the lifespan of your stories.

Post Attractive Content

Since Instagram is a visual medium, how you present your content can make or break your initiative. Though there are many potential customers on Instagram, it’s still a casual socializing platform. And, you definitely don’t want the posts to get buried under other posts without getting the desired outcome.

So, instead of sticking with a photo and a video, add a human touch. Consider posting photos of your team, your happy customers, and live videos.

Also, people love personalization and enjoy the effort you put in to keep them satisfied. Interact with your followers, comment on the pictures, and share your day with them.

Write Good Captions And Hashtags

The best way to attract potential customers and followers to your brand is to create visually compelling content along with good Instagram captions. They give a voice to your visual content.

If your post is about a contest, event, sale, or a promotional offer, write a short explanatory note for a better understanding of the users. A catchy one-liner is a great way to start the caption. Make sure that the message you want to convey through the caption must be relevant to the post.

Your content needs to reach a wide swath of your audience. For this, you need to use the right hashtags. You can use a hashtag to indicate your location, the cause you are supporting, or your brand (using branded and relevant hashtags).

Work With Influencers

Working with influential Instagrammers is an excellent way to get an instant flow of followers. Influencers have a loyal fan-following. When you collaborate with them, you get quick access to their network. And, when a trusted personality vouches for you, your brand gains authority.

Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content influences consumers more than brand-generated content. It’s a great way to improve the chances of attracting more consumers toward your brand. Not only this, but it also establishes your identity as an organization that cares for its customers.

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