7 Key Insights On Writing An Effective Ad Copy To Boost Your CTRs

Developing good ad copy is the key to optimizing your PPC traffic


During the last few years, Google’s competition has grown. A lot. Even though the giant corporation is involved in many operations, fields, and markets, Google still remains one of the biggest advertising platforms existent right now. In fact, about 97% of Google’s total revenue is generated through advertisements, as they’re currently displaying somewhere around 6 billion ads per day.

When it comes to developing successful CPC campaigns, the primary metric that has to show positive results is the CTR metric. You might probably know that improving the CTRs of your ad campaigns is often a challenging and complex objective.

First and foremost, your ad copy has a tremendous impact on your CTR. Then there’s the landing page, the website copy, the email copy, and all the other aspects that together form your entire sales process. Nevertheless, without an effective ad copy to grab the initial attention of the prospects, hoping for a prosperous CTR (or ROI) is definitely absurd.

Copywriting is a fine art and it should be treated accordingly, which means actions over ideas. Or at least, a lot of ideas put into action. If you leverage the best strategies, you’ll raise your CTRs for sure! Take a look at the following tips to help you improve your ad copies’ efficiency.

Align The Main 3 Aspects of Your Campaign

The three most important aspects of your campaign are as follows:

- Keywords – do proper keyword research

- Ad Copy – include your keywords in such a way that they grab the reader’s attention and push them to take action.

- Website Copy (Landing Page) – it should contain your keywords, the initial message of your ad copy, and also new elements that can generate a conversion (lead or sale).

Basically, in order to offer your visitor a proper transition, you must first find him through your selected keywords, grab his attention with a relevant and catchy ad copy, and eventually satisfy him with your offer. This transition needs to be very smooth, as well as your message needs to be consistent throughout all the elements you use.

Understand Your Audience’s Thoughts, Behaviors, Problems, and Needs

First things first. Building a marketing campaign revolves around placing the right offer in front of the right audience. You may have a high CTR but a very low conversion rate. That means you have either used the wrong keywords or the wrong message. Before crafting an ad copy, you must do your homework very well.

- Who are your potential buyers? Knowing who they are will help you build your ad copy, capture attention, and also promote your offer through the proper keywords.

- What are the most challenging problems your customers face?

- What do they want?

- What do they expect from a top-quality product/service?

- What other places, except search engines, do they use to gather information?

- What are the things they don’t care about?

Finding the answers to these questions will grant you with a lot of powerful insights that can be included in your ad copies. Without understanding who you’re reaching out to, your CPC campaigns will hardly provide satisfying results.

Focus on the Benefits of Your Offer

While content marketing, social media marketing, and traditional marketing are mostly used to expand a brand’s reputation and awareness, PPC advertising is slightly different. The results are fast, real-time, and backed by accurate analytics. Moreover, there’s the element of cost, which makes PPC advertising a results-driven activity.

Michael Steward, the Marketing Expert at Superior Papers, displays his vision through an insightful comment:

'The purpose of your ad copy is to attract attention. Therefore, it must feature the benefits of your offer. Since the beginning of mankind, people always chased what’s in it for them. Illustrate how your customers will enjoy a simpler, more convenient lifestyle once they get in touch with your product. Forget about the features. You have time to present them somewhat else. Benefits will make people click!'

Establish a Sense of Urgency

People really don’t want to miss good deals. Even though most of the consumers are afraid to risk, which means to give your product/service a chance, when put in front of an urgency situation, they’ll be eager to 'invest' immediately.

This is a basic psychological trick that never ceases to show amazing results. Create this sense of urgency by including elements such as 'Save X% Today' or '24-hour offer'. You can even follow up with a countdown which you can place on your landing page. Make people afraid that they’ll miss it and they'll be ready to take action.

Grab Attention by Leveraging Emotional Triggers

Human beings are emotional beings. We all respond to emotional triggers whether we like it or not. If someone or something manages to make us happy, sad, emphatic, or compassionate, we’re likely to start paying more attention to that person/thing. When the thing happens to be an ad copy, our next intention will be to find out more. We’re hooked. Therefore, we’ll click the ad.

While positive emotions are working quite well, the negative emotions such as anger, disgust, or fear should not be neglected. Triggering a negative emotion will definitely grab the reader’s attention, and that’s exactly why you’ll need to be careful with the rest of your message.

Include Your Main Keyword in the URL

When Google analyzes your overall CPC campaign, it’s going to consider even the slightest details. For example, including your main keyword in the displayed URL will probably get you a lower CPC. In case you forget or don’t care to add your primary keywords in the URL which is displayed by the ad, your CTRs will have to suffer.

Your URL and the keyword in it are the most prominent elements that make a searcher decide on which offer to proceed with.

Create Strong CTAs

A smart CTA can greatly influence the CTR of an ad campaign. People expect to be called. They expect our CTAs because everyone likes to be persuaded. You must give your ad viewers a helping hand by suggesting them to take different actions.

Depending on your offer, you should choose an appropriate form. Not surprisingly, even Google agrees that a CTA is absolutely essential for an ad copy to be effective. Strong and smart CTA’s will improve your CTR rates. Test, measure, optimize.

By consistently testing and optimizing your ad copies along with your CPC campaigns, you’ll soon discover the so-called 'gold mines' in PPC advertising. A campaign that gets you 200% or 300% ROI is worth pursuing. And to be honest, once you know what you’re doing, you’ll encounter the 'luck' factor that might bring you terrific results without wasting much time, energy, and resources. 


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