​7 Industries With Potential to Earn Big

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As industries grow, their ability to provide jobs does too. So it's no surprise that the 7 best places to earn big, either as an employee or as a business, are where the growth is biggest. That doesn't automatically mean that being part of the industry will automatically make you rich, but it does mean there is far more opportunity to make big things happen.

Here are the seven currently hottest and fastest growing markets, some of which may surprise a reader:

Green & Sustainable Energy

Some may feel that the green industry has already matured in its lifecycle, but in reality, this market is just getting going. It finally got the support of government incentive programs and tax credits to give the green market a boost, so now its being taken serious and has been adopted by many companies. This means that many types of renewable energy sources are experience huge growth across the world. However, because adoption has been relatively slow, there is a wide open arena for new companies and employees to get in on the ground floor with green energy and sustainability solutions that work.

Personal Care 

Our collective vanity is not suffering any lack of attention today. In fact, combined with healthcare marketing and self-improvement, personal care is probably seeing even more of a boom as a market. Just the organic side of the business is expected to hit the billions in revenue. It is also crossing gender boundaries, which means male customer markets are ripe and open for entry, having been under-served for decades.

Mobile Apps 

Got an app for that? What seems to the average onlooker as a glut of small time offerings creating a free phone app for just about anything, is actually a thriving market creating new opportunities and companies every year. Despite the ever growing competitive and crowded market, app sales continue to climb every year despite already being in the billions year over year. Who would have thought just five years ago a company named Zynga with a phone app would be a viable public corporation today with a headquarters building next to the highway in downtown San Francisco? That's a bona fide reality happening with app makers and companies.

Social Network Games

Along the same lines as device apps, the ability to share and interact socially in a game is driving demand. So gamer-types who thought they're lives were made meaningless by Microsoft's Xbox taking over everything can think again. Social gaming is internet-based and draws in millions every day through computers, phones, tablets and more. It's amazing how much time we collectively waste on them, its enough to support a growing industry.

Online Education 

Got a computer? Get a degree. Online education is now hitting full swing, and the demand for classes as well as vocational training is only growing as computer-fed kids are becoming adults who need skills on their schedule and need flexibility to study. Sites may offer GED and associate degrees at the fraction of the cost and time as traditional universities. From general to specialty, online education is the future and its only going to increase from here.

Generic pharmacy 

The days of the big brand name medical shopping may be coming to an end. Generic pharmacy management is all the rage due to insurance companies pushing for less marketing and more cost-effective drug results. Companies and creative types who can fashion new channels that cost less are big winners now.

3D printing 

Once considered a CAD or carving toy, 3D printing is finding a niche, especially in one-off production. Small businesses with the right idea can win big with a very low capital investment needed to start in this field.

Along with new industry ideas and opportunities, comes the need for new employee or key person training, and the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) from Microsoft is a big demand tool for online business development in all types of fields.

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