6 Web Design Trends To Dominate 2017

2017's key web design developments


The constant of the world of web design is that it never stops changing. We see the appearance and growth of various technologies and development methods very often. The tools that are always becoming better and offering new functionalities supply the web designers with even more freedom with interface and interaction design.

This is the reason why certain patterns in web design start to trend very quickly, and why every web designer should be on the lookout for them. By following what others are doing right, you are enabling yourself to constantly work on your skills and be up to date with the modern technologies. In this article, we are going to overview six web design trends that you should look out for in 2017.

Material Design

Google’s Material Design has been a thing since 2014. It’s based on the concept of paper and ink, only in digital format. It makes use of things such as edges and shadows so that you know what you can interact with, like buttons. Since its creation, it has become quite popular, with a variety of templates and themes made for content management systems and front-end frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap.

There are people who criticize the websites that are using it, though, due to the fact that a lot of them look way too similar. This happens because they are strictly looking up to Material Design’s style, instead of just using the principles. In the near future, a lot of smaller projects will take up Material Design. This will lead to a part of the design community being openly against it, regarding using its style over just incorporating its principles.


If you’ve had enough of logos and images resizing awfully, you should try out SVG files instead of JPG and PNG. While the SVG format isn’t tailored to all images, since it works with vector graphics only, it is the perfect solution for logo images. SVG appeared back in 1999, but JPG and PNG have been used more often, even though SVG is more appropriate in certain situations. However, since 2013, it has been on the rise, and will most likely boom in 2017.

The reason you should go for SVGs is the perfect rendering of the images no matter the scale. Furthermore, images that are using the SVG format are smaller in size, which is perfect for your website speed.


Microinteractions are particular instances when your visitor is interacting with your website. This includes actions such as filling a field in a form, liking a post or sending a message. The main objective of microinteractions during these instances is to supply guidance and feedback to the user, boosting the user experience. They have been gaining a lot of popularity this year, and the ways that they guide and provide feedback to the users have been getting very creative.


It is of essence that you choose the right color for your website. It has an effect on your website visitors’ emotions, thoughts, and of course, on how well your users convert. According to Pantone, the color of the year 2017 is green, as a refreshing color of new beginnings.

Because of the popularity of the previously mentioned Material Design, the trend of its color combination recommendations is only going to grow this year. The bright and bold colors of Material Design have become a thing even outside its use.

Another trend related to color that is on the rise is duotone, which is an image that uses two colors. Duotone is being used by websites such as Spotify and has a great effect. It's also a common choice for YouTube video thumbnail images.


Cinemagraphs are still images that contain elements with movements that are on repeat. A well-made cinemagraph can have a strong visual effect, so it is no surprise that they have been gaining a lot of popularity as of late. They can be either GIFs or videos. The downside is that both can end up being quite large in size if they are made in high quality. A cinemagraph GIF can be bigger than 3MB, so a streaming video may be a better choice for you in some situations. This solution is highly recommended by a company that deals with web design in Sydney.

360 video and VR

One thing that can be said about 2016 is that it has been the year of VR. Various VR headsets for gaming have been released, and the interest in 360 videos has boomed. In 2017, web designers are definitely going to find a lot of interesting ways to implement 360 videos into their designs. In case that you don’t already know what it is, Google VR View is a JavaScript API that enables you to add 360 videos to your website.

In summation

2017 is a year when some trends are seeing their greatest growth in web design. This means that it’s a good idea for you to follow up on them and try incorporating them into your own website. This will ensure that you stay on top of the game and provide the best user experience to your website visitors.


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