6 Ingredients For A Strong Visual Brand On Social Media

How to create a solid visual brand across social media


One thing we have all come to agree with is the fact that the social media is chief when it comes to digital marketing today. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is presently the best and most effective form of marketing.

So, social media marketing is one of the most powerful business tools to use today. But before you can reap the fruits of a social media marketing project, you have to learn how to do it well. In everything, the determinants of success boil down to conversion. You don’t want followers, likes and even engagements that won’t translate into full-time beneficial conversion. That is why you must use the best elements to make your visual brand strong and effective on the social media.

There are many ways to achieve a strong visual brand online. But there are six ways that account as the best of them all. When you get these six methods rightly, you will be on the route to having the strongest of all visual brands on the social media.

Choose the Right Network

Of course, you must have heard that the percentage of people that use social media regularly increases by the day. The number of social media networks out there is also increasing, to the extent that you will have hundreds of them if you are to count.

The first task towards achieving the strongest visual presence will include choosing the rightful social media. You have to consider the people you are targeting and the social media that is popular in their base. Presently, Facebook is the most popular, and its base is heterogeneous. Brands like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ are good too. Consider your business, audience or market, base, and other things before choosing.

Consistent, Relevant Color Choice

Now, many people may not understand the meaning and influence of colors used by different brands. This is because they have not been able to look through the analytics of visits and activities on such web pages. Brands maintain the same color themes in their text, logo, and images because it sticks and influences the visitors mentally.

Ensure that your social media posts come with consistent colors. When you do, customers will be familiar with it, to the extent that they will start identifying with it. When you understand the psychology of color, you will begin to use it to evoke the rightful feeling amongst your customers. When you are choosing colors, always take the ones that match your brand message and offering. Make it captivating enough, and be consistent in using it.

Make Use of Influencers

Of course, we have posited on many occasions that building a visual brand on social media does not mean that you must always do it with your company page. If you are new in this game and want to escalate, you may not achieve that with the content you publish on your relatively known social profile alone. But you can make use of the already established profiles of the social media influencers.

With these influencers advertising for you on their social media, you don’t just get the publicity you seek, you will also attract people to your own profile or page. You grow your page through their links and mentions. They can make posts about your profile, brand, goods, and services, and tag you or place that links to your profile. You can also achieve the visualization you seek by making posts on your profile, and tagging or mentioning the influencers. These will appear on their pages.

Unique Content

This is one of the undeniable elements of achieving a strong visual brand on social media. Now, the competition means that people that are into what you do are numerous, and no one wants to be left out. So, they will also be struggling very hard to create a great social media presence. So the only thing that stands you out is how you do yours. Because of that, you should not emulate anyone.

Your way has to be very unique, memorable and outstanding. If you delve into what every other brand out there does, you will be lost in the crowd. You will be swallowed up and no one will know about you. Getting this unique social media life will lie in the content you post. 

It's vital to fuse images into your content to pass the message further. When content comes with images, it has more than 50% more impact. When it comes to your text, your words, values of your brand, its vision, and future mission must be revealed. People like to identify with you when they see that you are building something for the future, no matter how lofty it sounds. When you are able to get this across to the people, they will become emotional about it. Many of them will develop opinions around it, and some attitudes will start showing up. This means that you have actually gotten them to buy into what you are selling. So, you must also be very responsible and responsive. Leave no gaps in what the customers will feel, and when you see an open gap, fill it. The confidence, the tendency to adapt to any situation, and your versatility should always come to the front here. You should also be predictive in a positive sense.

Be Purposeful and Make a Promise

Now, one thing that kills dreams is lack of purpose, or should I say, the thing that reveals seeming dreams as non-dreams. Now, when you set out to do something without an exact plan on what to achieve and the timeline for the completion, you will just be wandering. That is something you must not do with your social media marketing in the bid to gain a powerful and strong visual brand. Before you ever start the marketing, map out what you intend to get out of the exercise, and never ever lose focus until you have done that. That is why you must come with a promise. It must be to you and to the clients.

Now, the simple thing here is that you have to promise your clients something that is unique, which you are offering them. In the bid to offer them this unique value, what will they gain from it and what will you gain from it. These must be mapped out before you start. You may promise to offer innovation to them all the time, and also to inspire them to be innovative. This is the only time the connection will become natural.

Inspire/Call to Action

When you are developing content for any form of digital marketing, one important thing you will be taught is about the call to action. Go out there, feed the audience with the best content, make them happy with your presentations in forms of texts and images, and fail to tell them what to do with those. You have actually achieved nothing.

The call to action, which in essence should be inspired by your content, is one way to build a strong visual brand on social media. After taking them around your world and making them understand the great things you have for them, tell them what to do or the next step to follow to benefit from this. When you do this, they will start doing something, engaging with you, and this makes your brand memorable.

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