6 Crucial Business Technology Upgrades For Growing Startups

Starting a business is hard, but the correct technologies choices makes it much easier


Building a successful startup is hard. Making adjustments to growing demands and handling high profile accounts and a growing staff is even more difficult. After the initial takeoff of your business, you will want to start investing in assistive technologies to help with streamlining growth, honing your marketing strategy, and offering your clients optimal confidentiality. Your growing startup will also demand advanced technology due to the need for increased information security since this is where the majority of entrepreneurs run into serious trouble. Fortunately, the following technological upgrades will enable you to make it past the startup phase and continue flourishing.

Investing in Cybersecurity

Studies reveal that the majority of small companies that suffer cyber-attacks incur huge losses, which also harms their reputation and long-term revenue. Contrary to the prevailing misconception, large corporations are not the only potential victims of cybercrimes as small businesses are even more vulnerable, especially because they rarely prioritize preventive security measures.

You could be an exception, so take the necessary measures to protect your small business against cybercrime, which is achievable through consulting with a cyber-security professional. This will help you with getting invaluable advice on how best to ensure that your data storage is appropriately encrypted.

Adopt Modern Data Processing Architecture

As your operations continue to advance, you will be processing large volumes of data, which must be done fast enough for your startup to react to the changing business conditions in good time. For this task, you may consider using stream processing for effective trading, system monitoring, and fraud detection amongst other purposes. Some of the projects that will allow you to use this advanced technology include Apache Storm, Apache Samza, and Apache Spark. You will be able to process data from social media streams and sensor devices in real time, a practice that has become increasingly prevalent.

Optimizing your Website for Mobile Traffic

While changing your website may appear like a huge investment, it is mandatory for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their business in this increasingly mobile market. Research shows that most websites are mobile compatible; if your site is not optimized for mobile traffic, you risk losing a significant amount of business. On top of that, Google’s ranking algorithm is largely dependent on mobile-friendliness, and if your website doesn't meet the basic requirements, you should invest in new website design or risk negatively impacting your website SEO. Alternatively, you could consider installing a web optimization plug, which is possible if you use WordPress or a similar service.

Utilizing Customer Relationship Management Solutions

When launching your business, attracting customers was your main priority. Now that you earned them, it will be in your best interest to make sure that they are well taken care of so that you can keep them and increase customer loyalty. For this, you should employ a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for organizing and managing your customer information. This solution will help in identifying potential clients while improving your overall service and efficiency.

Move to the Cloud

Cloud computing has been embraced fully by the majority of US based small businesses. However, the numerous myths about cloud computing could prevent you from implementing it, which would be a huge mistake. Migrating to the cloud will assist you in reducing operation costs, streamlining processes, and increasing operational flexibility.

Streamline Payroll and Taxes

The continued addition of employees to your team will come with added volumes of payroll and taxes, which will become even more time-consuming and complex to handle. However, you could streamline and automate your payroll and human resources easily by using services such as Gusto or UltiPro. This will significantly reduce your burden and stress level while allowing you more time for making strategic decisions that will grow your business.

Final Thoughts

Building a small business is not a walk in the park because it requires hard work and dedication before you can reap the rewards. However, you can keep your sanity while preserving the competitive advantage of your firm by investing in the technology upgrades discussed above. Your employees and customers will thank you, and you can sit back and continue enjoying your well-deserved positive growth.


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