Are Companies Doing Enough To Protect Their Data?

We look at whether data is always safe amongst companies


Today marks the big announcement from Apple about the iPhone 6, which will outline their new phone as well as the new software that will be used to drive it, IOS 8.

Many out there will hope that this new software will improve the security of Apple’s data after the recent leaking of hundreds of personal photos from celebrities. It was a huge embarrassment for Apple ahead of the event and highlighted that even the world’s most high-tech and advanced companies are not doing enough to protect their data.

With increases in the number of consultants around cyber security and data security, comes increases in the number of hackers and cyber criminals who are looking to take advantage of loopholes within the system. Some are even accessing information just for the challenge, to see if they can.

So with high profile cases like Apple and Ebay, are companies doing enough?

With this kind of crime and the technologies and codes involved, the truth is that enough will never be enough. As security systems become more complex, the approaches to take advantage of them by hackers also increases.

Even the companies and organisations who are staying on top of their data security are doing so through vigilance rather than superior technologies. It is unfortunately the case that if you aren’t constantly moving then you are falling behind and are likely to be attacked.

Companies spend millions on trying to protect data and develop new programmes to protect against hacks, but the reality is that more can always be done.


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