5 Wearables That Will Enhance The Wearable Revolution In 2015

Which 5 products are going to push the industry forward?


The wearable revolution is here. Ideas that were once fantasy have now become reality. If you wanted to, you could go out dressed head-to-toe in wearable technology, and accumulate enough data about every aspect of your life to feed the stock exchange for a millennium.

Here are six wearable devices that are set to change everyday life.

The Ring

The Ring is a Bluetooth device that allows you to control things simply by waving your finger in the air. It gives the user the ability to do everything with one gesture. It can turn on music, play games, or control smart home devices. Last spring, Logbar was able to raise funds of almost $900,000 for the product on Kickstarter. Initial reviews in 2014 were poor, to say the least, but Ring Zero appears to have corrected some of those issues.


Skully manufacture Android-powered motorcycle helmets with heads-up-displays. The technology brings up detailed road layouts for riders, along with a variety of other features, including GPS mapping, rear camera view and speed and distance metrics.

CarePredict Tempo for Seniors

Elderly family members can be a constant cause for concern, with effective monitoring often an impossibility from a personal and financial standpoint. CarePredict have created Tempo to solve this. Tempo is a wristband for senior citizens which tries to provide family members and caregivers with peace of mind. Tempo collects information about seniors' daily routines and ‘quality of life metrics,’ and sends an alert out if there is any notable break from the norm. Beacons are plugged in around the user's home, which send data to the cloud for storage and analysis.

Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is an affordable virtual reality option which connects to your smartphone to provide an entire world of mobile simulation. It allows users immersive experiences in watching movies, listening to music, and playing games, on the move. Currently, it’s only compatible with the Samsung Note 4, but there’s also a VR Innovator Edition that works with the Galaxy S6.


Losing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare. This obviously isn’t going to be an accepted solution for a teenager, but the hereO GPS smartwatch caters for anyone 3 and up. The here0 GPS is the world’s smallest real-time GPS location device created specifically for children. It can pick up you children’s whereabouts anytime, anywhere, and keeps a record of their historical locations to track them through the day. The hereO watch is connected to other devices in the hereO Family location app, which is another standalone app that the entire family can use to share their whereabouts with one another. 


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