5 Ways To Improve Customer Retention

Simple and small things that can affect great change


Any company is going to have to learn to retain customers reliably in order to maximize their success. When you're able to retain customers, individual sales become the start of a profitable relationship between you and your customer. Also, retained sales often result in free, word-of-mouth advertising when customers tell others who they buy from.

The following are five things you can do to retain more customers:

Focus on quality sales staff

Good sales staff is not just important for landing a single sale. They are important for building relationships with customers that lead to customer retention. Sales staff need to know how to address customer issues and listen to customers to meet their needs as closely as possible.

Make sure you're hiring sales staff members who communicate very well with prospects. Train them in such a way that they work towards retention and keep in touch with clients where possible after the initial sale.

Test different strategies like running promotions and offering discounts

Testing different strategies is the key to perfecting your sales tactics. You need to experiment with various promotions, discounts, and prospecting to locate consumers out there who may be interested in your offerings. You need to be scientific about your testing and carefully record results.

Of course, you want to record results regarding repeat sales as well as initial sales. It takes time to accumulate all the data necessary to develop a fully optimized sales strategy. You need to focus on testing and even continue to test after you have made improvements and enjoyed successes.

Test customer response to different content and marketing copy

In addition to testing the response to various promotions, you also need to test response to your various inbound marketing content offerings online. Hopefully, you have a website set up and you're regularly running blog posts and offering other useful content to your audience.

You need to analyze how your content offerings impact customer retention. If you can get a customer who has made a purchase from you on your mailing list, you can send out updates and information about other products that they may be interested in. This is a great way to get repeat sales out of the same customer. Make sure you test various tactics you use in terms of content offerings via email and website copy to optimize your inbound marketing regimes with customer retention in mind.

Be proactive when it comes to customer dissatisfaction

You're not going to be able to retain customers very well if you don't respond adequately when customers are dissatisfied. You need to do everything you can to keep every customer satisfied. A dissatisfied customer is extremely unlikely to come back for a repeat purpose.

If you are able, go above and beyond when a customer brings up an issue and shows dissatisfaction. A dissatisfied customer should be taken by you as an opportunity to pleasantly surprise that customer with your response and the reparations you make to set things right for them. Often, the best way to show an effective response to dissatisfaction is to allow customer service representatives to use the best help desk software for a speedy and efficient resolution to the problem.

Try under-promising rather than over-promising

A lot of customer miss out on repeat business because they promise too much and leave customers disappointed. You should not claim that customers are going to get more out of you than they will from a purchase. Be reasonable in the claims you make.

It's always better to have a customer pleasantly surprised that they're getting a little extra than disappointed that they're getting less than they expected. Other companies that over-promise might get some initial sales, but over time this will die off as customers lose faith in them and then go elsewhere for reliability and honesty.


In today's economy, customer is king. Look deep to see what small and simple changes your company can make to improve customer retention and loyalty. The lifetime value of a customer can be worth millions, and your company's reputation is priceless. Being aware of how your customer's feel about your business can save it from going under. These simple steps above can help get your company in the right direction to make sure your customers are satisfied and coming back for more.

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