5 Ways To Embed Snapchat Into Your Brand Strategy

More and more companies are utilizing the platform today


Snapchat keeps building its presence in the social media space and we hear about it more and more often. With 200 million active users and a constantly growing audience, it is about to pass Facebook in daily video views. The platform's popularity is being appreciated not only by individuals but also by various brands. There is an opinion that Snapchat has managed to achieve such tremendous success because it has also has a microblogging aspect similar to Twitter. Another factor can be seen on YouTube which allows you to simply press the play button, sit back, and enjoy content.

These days, Snapchat doesn't need to introduce itself as the facts and figure speak for themselves. A recent Comscore report found that with 32.9% penetration, the platform is the third most popular social media app among 18-34-year-olds and with 50% for 18-24-year-olds (behind Instagram and Facebook but ahead Twitter, Pinterest and Vine). With these figures, it wasn't a surprise that big companies started using it as one of their branding strategies for promotion of their products and services. Among the big names are: McDonald's, Taco Bell, General Electric and the NBA.

The guidelines of how to use the platform are pretty straightforward and here are 5 key elements you should bear in mind when using Snapchat to improve your brand.

Snapchat As A Digital Narrative

Snapchat can be seen as an advanced type of microblogging, with the advantages of Twitter but with a heavier visual presence. The platform is all about storytelling, thus, brands who are transparent enough to show what's happening behind the scenes would fit its space very well.

However, you have to take into consideration that just because you can put your business on Snapchat, doesn't mean you should. For instance, it would attract a genuine interest if a film production company let their audience see lively snaps behind the scenes. However, it wouldn't be so attractive if there were only pictures of an office routine with boiling kettles and keyboards typing. It is a visual platform, so make sure your content works and tells your story properly. The more you engage and provide value, the more your audience will be craving to see your next posts.

Connect With A Personal Touch

While there are cases of Snapchat being applied as a business strategy, the core of it is still on the personal branding side. If you ever want to make an effective sales pitch or promote your service or product, try to avoid it. Snapchat has a tremendous social element and your account should be seen as a friend rather than a seller, marketer etc. Focusing on improving your viewers' mood and making their day will attract them to come back to you often.

Don't Be Afraid To Take Creative Risks

For a brand, Snapchat is a good playground where you can experiment with your content. Look at your company from the inside and try to imagine yourself as a viewer. This will help to find good quality content to share. Avoid using cliches and trying to recreate someone else's content, you are telling a story about your brand. Authenticity is the key, be creative and show the best your brand can offer.

Treats For Your Viewers

Everyone likes receiving presents or something that can benefit them without being forced to pay. Use Snapchat to boost your sales in a very subtle way. Free offers of your product samples along with promo codes used in your snaps will encourage viewers to find out more about your brand. In future, followers can become your loyal customers. However, as mentioned earlier, make sure your promotion doesn't sound like a selling point, it is something you offer to your friends for free. If you have managed to build trust, don't lose it.

Check Your Timestamps

Having high-quality and creative content is good but don't forget to think about the timings. Try to upload content which is relevant at the moment of posting it. For example, if you are sharing a snap of an NBA basketball player warming up before the game, make sure that upload button was pressed before the game started in real time. Otherwise, your content will lose its value dramatically and the snap will be wasted.

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