5 Reasons Why B2B Marketers Should Prefer LinkedIn

The social network is more versatile than many think


Social media websites are a valuable marketing tool, but a vast majority of marketers focus on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn, a platform specifically created to help establish business relationships, is usually overlooked. If you belong to the group of B2B marketers who don’t use LinkedIn in their strategies, it’s time to change that. Throughout this post, you’re going to see five amazing ways to exploit LinkedIn.

1. Generate leads

Let’s face it; you don’t think of LinkedIn as a way to generate more leads. Here comes the surprising part, LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms to demand lead generation. How? Here are some lead generation tips that you will find useful:

- Add connections to your network

- Write a recommendation for customers and key contacts

- Use LinkedIn to celebrate accomplishments of others

- Join groups

- Post updates regularly

- Follow your current clients and prospects

Besides these fresh and organic measures of obtaining leads on LinkedIn, the website offers personalized ways of identifying new leads, engaging with potential customers and turning them into consumers. An average prospect is more likely to ask questions and connecting with them, developing a discussion is a great way to generate leads and turn your efforts into a success.

2. Improving reputation

As mentioned above, LinkedIn is a network specifically designed to help users connect with other professionals from their niche. The number of users keeps increasing, thus giving you an opportunity to increase contacts and expand your business.

B2B marketers, companies, businesses, and other people can enhance their visibility and credibility by using personal and community features within LinkedIn. The primary purpose of this platform is networking; it allows you to engage with others, build your reputation, and creates new or improves current businesses relationships. All these factors are essential for every marketer’s career success. A good reputation can also help you with influencer marketing, influencers will want to work with you, and you can build a fruitful collaboration.

While a lot of marketers focus on Instagram as a driving force behind influencer campaigns, remember that LinkedIn helps you find influencers within your niche, which is vital for this marketing strategy.

3. Industry research

LinkedIn is highly versatile; it is more than just an ordinary social website. This platform can pose as a handy tool as well. How? That’s because LinkedIn is an ideal place to expand your horizons, seek out opinions and insights, connect with others and learn from their experience, and ask questions to improve your knowledge and develop new skills. Besides connecting with other marketers, LinkedIn allows you to do social media outreach and find influencers that would be a perfect fit for your marketing efforts.

Following other marketers, influencers, 'regular' users, and even your favorite brands and magazine give you a chance to stay up to date with current developments within your industry. This is vital because your success depends on the ability to keep up with the latest trends and developments.

4. Sponsored updates

Thanks to sponsored updates, you can hyper-target your audience based on parameters such as company name, location, profession, industry, job title, seniority. To help marketers and brands measure the reach and impact of their posts, LinkedIn launched the insight tool. This useful tool helps brands make sure they get the maximum out of their presence on this platform.

Sponsored updates allow you to tailor your posts towards a particular audience. One doesn’t have to be a genius to conclude that targeting certain people with your posts can lead to greater benefits. You can reach more clients, turn your marketing strategy into a success, connect with more people from the same niche, and so much more.

5. Customer satisfaction

What most marketers and brands usually disregard is using LinkedIn to improve customer satisfaction. As mentioned above, this platform is incredibly versatile, and you can use it for this purpose too. It’s easy to interact with the customer base through LinkedIn via comments, messages, and surveys.

When done properly, this can lead to a greater customer satisfaction and shows that you care about their opinion. Customers appreciate when they feel like their voice is heard. Also, communicating with them is a great way to resolve common issues and prevent them from happening again.

LinkedIn statistics every B2B marketers should know

- LinkedIn has more than 467 million users

- 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content

- 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions

- 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn

- 43% of marketers say they have sourced a customer from LinkedIn

- 92% of marketers leverage LinkedIn over other social platforms


LinkedIn is a social media platform created to help users create business connections. The website can do wonders for every marketer and brand due to the versatility of use. If you don’t already use LinkedIn regularly, you should start to. Start adding connections, communicating with others, and posting updates; it’s easy. 

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