5 Tips To Promote Your Video On Youtube

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Approximately 1 billion people use YouTube, but only 9 percent of small businesses employ it to promote their products and services though. For business owners, that means that there is a goldmine of potential new customers to reach and the competition right now is not that stiff. However, creating and posting a YouTube video requires more than just learning how to use a camera, you must also promote the video after it is online or no one may ever hear about it. Here are 5 different ways you can promote your video on YouTube to get the most exposure online.

Top 5 Strategies to Amp Up Your YouTube Video Exposure

It doesn’t matter how creative or funny a YouTube video is if no one sees it. The trick to getting noticed on YouTube has less to do with ingenuity and more to do with simple hard work. Any video posted online on YouTube can benefit from these 5 strategies:

1. Optimize it for Search Engines - Search Engine Optimization techniques aren’t just for text articles. You can also use it on your YouTube video titles and your description boxes. Learn how to get noticed by Google using SEO for videos so that when someone searches for videos on your topic, your video is served up in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Use keywords in your closed captioning and create a transcript that is search-engine friendly.

2. Cross-Post Your Video to Other Platforms - Don’t just post a video on YouTube and hope to draw all your traffic from there. Instead, post status updates on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ announcing the new video and its topic to draw views from other areas around the web too.

3. Ask for the Behavior You Want on YouTube - Do you want comments? Then, ask for them. Or, if you’d rather that people share the video, ask for that. Likes, are also important to rate your video more highly with YouTube, so request that people like the video. Be specific about the behavior you want after someone takes the time to view the video and odds are you will have a better response.

4. Create a Playlist with a Theme - Maybe you have more than one video on a specific topic. Group them all under a playlist so that people who watch one video will automatically see the others and watch more. The more you can engage viewers, the more likelihood they will become fans and buy from you.

5. Embed Videos in Blog Posts - You probably already have a loyal audience on your website who might be interested in your YouTube offerings. By embedding videos in blog posts, you can start a conversation on your website about the content of the video, getting the ball rolling with shares and likes from an audience that already trusts you. Plus, it provides yet another way to share your video content besides just YouTube as people can link back to your website if they like the content.

Be Consistent

Set up a list of tasks to help promote your videos once they are put on YouTube. You might want to share it on different social networks on different days. You may want to schedule cross-posting with automation software like Hootsuite so that you know that every day something is being done to promote the video. You can assign tasks to write up blog posts referencing videos. Remember to always optimize your content for SEO as you do each task, whether it’s a simple status update on a social network or a more complex blog post. Don’t assume that you will get all your viewers from YouTube, but do leverage this platform for the best exposure possible.


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