5 Technologies Mid-Size Businesses Shouldn't Ignore

The tech you should be looking at as a mid-size business


The times are evolving and new types of technology are being created every day, boosting productivity and efficiency. For a business to thrive in these times, they must evolve and take advantage of these new assets. For mid-sized businesses, this is more crucial than ever, as large businesses easily overwhelm the market by offering greater funds and manpower.

In order to reach your maximum potential, you need the help of today’s technology. Here are five such assets, prime for rocketing your business into success.

1. Converged infrastructure

Speed and efficiency are key elements in creating a business which can meet consumer demand and overwhelm the competition. However, with the staff and budget of a mid-sized business, this can be difficult to manage. You simply lack the resources needed for managing multiple systems, and these systems are necessary for your business to thrive. Converged infrastructure offers a solution. This concept pools your IT systems into one great infrastructure, managing several applications at once rather than individually, which saves time, money, and effort.

This convergence will make the transition to automation smoother and more efficient. This also allows your tech teams to manage the necessary systems from one location rather than many, which reduces manpower. By integrating storage and computing into one place, this centralized information database maximizes space and provides easier access, saving time and boosting productivity. For your business to save on cost and maximize its time, utilizing a converged infrastructure is a wise choice.

2. Managed IT support

Technical problems pose a great threat to any business, as a glitch can damage your systems permanently or, at the minimum, bring your productivity to a screeching halt until the issue is resolved. Having timely and effective IT support is crucial. However, for mid-sized businesses, maintaining your own IT department is unwise. Should you not have an overabundance of technical issues, funding a team of IT experts to only be used occasionally is extremely costly.

The solution is simple: managed IT support from an outside company. Rather than hiring a local team of experts who might not respond immediately or be unable to fix your unique problem, a managed IT support team can monitor your systems constantly and provide customized fixes as needed. This remote service promises efficiency which can’t be found locally, and saves you the cost of maintaining an in-house tech team.

3. 3D Printers

The ability to create objects for your business immediately is a vital asset. This primarily benefits manufacturing companies, but also offers a wide range of advantages to other types of businesses. 3D Printing allows you to create prototypes, assisting any company from engineers to designers, and builds other essential tools for everyday office work.

4. Mobility

With the fast pace of today's business climate it’s important to be mobile and flexible. Tablets, apps, automated systems, and several other technologies are being utilized, and their benefits will place you ahead of the competition. Creating apps to advertise your business, equipping your employees with tablets that allow connectivity on the go, and creating automated payroll systems will save time and boost productivity, cutting out the middleman that otherwise exists without these technologies.

Rather than relying on TV commercials and billboards as advertisements, the use of apps can be managed by a much smaller marketing staff, saving manpower and time. Tablets allow your employees to work from remote locations and maintain near-constant connection to the rest of your staff. Automated payrolls allow you to devote greater resources to more vital departments. Mobile technologies provide a route to success.

5. Security

As a mid-sized business, it’s easy to overlook the dangers normally associated with larger companies. However, keeping your data safe is crucial, as hackers and viruses can cripple your business. Small businesses are at less risk to such security concerns, but mid-sized companies draw greater attention and are a temptation for negative outside influences. Investing in a thorough and trustworthy security system for your data is vital to keep your business running smoothly, as the results of ignoring this risk can bring your business to its knees.

Technology is here to assist, and by utilizing these important tools, your mid-sized business will be equipped for success.

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