5 Software Innovations That Can Streamline Business Logistics

Smart applications to simplify workflow and planning in small business


Scientific and technological inventions have totally revolutionised every aspect of our lives, including the way we do business.

In the not too distant past, much of what was done in the office left a massive paper trail.

Today's modern and young workforce would struggle to imagine what office life would be like without email, the internet, smartphones, or even a computer.

Nowadays, a vast array of technology has totally changed the way businesses of all types and sizes function.

Business productivity is an approach that directly deals with enhancement and increase in production or output levels or a business.

A small business productivity approach assists in improving collaboration, better customer service, refining communication needs, and revamping business practices overall.

Here are several business productivity tools for managing your small business.


With advancements in technology, digital money has replaced paper money in the form of credit cards, debit cards, and online processors.

Square helps to carry out financial transactions, payment, and receiving funds smoothly and efficiently. Payments can be cleared in a couple of days, and Square has an easy to use app and a highly protected card reader.


CIBIS Software Development is an independent company producing a variety of education and eCommerce software. Their eCommerce software provides small business with a complete suite of tools that include:

  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Payroll
  • Barcode and Inventory
  • Web Shopping
  • Merchant Integration, and more.

The CIBIS Suite of software and eCommerce solutions can handle hundreds of millions of dollars of sales and can be customised to almost any eCommerce environment or niche under one application suite.


PingOne has been made for small- or medium-sized companies who want to harmonise their work through one single tool.

Managers can use PingOne to manage user access for many applications from one dashboard. Administrators don't have to allow access one app at a time or reset passwords for several accounts one after another.

PingOne allows the synchronization and management of thousands of apps through one interface, saving hours of administration.

PingOne features ease of access, consolidated decisions, and high security back up.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is an online tool that facilitates the recording and maintaining of financial records and transactions, like invoicing, billing, receipts, and reporting.

Wave Accounting software is specifically designed for small businesses that aren't in a position to pay large amounts for record keeping tools, and who usually only have a few employees.

Its best feature is its simplicity. Having registered with your email address, you may sign in and start setting up your accounts or adding your transactions. It's that simple.


Freshdesk is a very popular and reliable online helpdesk tool, offering a variety of solutions for modern businesses with a focus on delivering extraordinary customer service.

Freshdesk is available for free with a number of features at affordable prices

The software aims to assist users' communication with customers across a multi-dimensional, user-friendly interface that centralizes the maintenance of conversations with customers.

Freshdesk software includes satisfaction surveys, multi-brand support, a self-service knowledge base portal, gamification and leaderboard, ticket routeing, scenario automation, conversion of email to ticket, quick pace, and much more.

These and other software tools and techniques have revolutionized the way we do business. Convenience is the new goal, with a focus on reaching and exceeding production levels, utilizing service automation and integrated technologies, and better overall communication and transparency.


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