5 Signs your company is ready for a new shipping system

Does your company have an effective shipping system?


Shipping has been termed as the equivalent of roughage to the diet of an entrepreneur. A shipping system that delivers effectively is therefore essential in determining the success of any company that uses such services. While the shipping that is to be chosen will be influenced by the products that you deal in, the industry in which you operate and the weight of the items that are being dealt in, a new shipping system will often be required from time to time in order for the company to progress forward. The system should allow your company to have a suite of the transportation as well as the distribution of the services of the company in order to adequately meet the needs of the business at all times.

Amazon is a company that has been praised for its effective shipping system. The company has been on record for saving up to 86% by adopting an effective system. The reasons include:

  • Changes in the DIM weight. The dimensional weight refers to what the freight carriers consider to be the weight of the package that is to be transported at the lowest density. In case your business has had an increase in this weight, then it is recommended to have a new shipping system in place in order to ensure that such weight has been taken care of in the new packaging that will be required. This is because it is this weight that determines the volume of the package and will be used for the calculation of the shipping charges.
  • The handling charges and all the costs that are involved. Essentially, the company will seek to strike a balance between a shipping systems that maintains the highest quality at the most economical charges. This is because at the end of the day the aim of the business is to make reasonable profits. In the event that the shipping charges have been increased upwards with no significance in the services that are offered, then this is a clear sign to find a new shipping system that meets your needs.
  • Convenience and reliability. Whether it is delivering products to customers and clients or having the materials delivered to you, the most significant aspect is to have a shipping system that is effective and reliable at all times. When the system that your company uses is found to have reduced its reliability, then it is time to find a new shipping system that allows for better reliability across all times of the working periods. This is also for warehouse limitations.
  • Wider scope and complexity of the requirements in the logistics department. The shipping department is ideally made up of the very demanding shipping environment. Therefore, the system should be able to adapt to the ever emerging need of the business and the customers as well as all other stakeholders of the business. An increase in the scope is a sign that the business should be made to adopt a newer model that has merged both the traditional and newer features of the industry.
  • Specific needs and preferences of the business. For the success of any shipping system, the integration has to be based on the unique needs and features of the business. What this means is that the emergent needs of a business venture have to be put in to consideration when selecting a shipping system. Further to this, the new server should be able to have a more efficient structure with a combination of the warehouse environment and the mailroom with high traffic.

An effective shipping system enables the business to have an increased productivity. This is achieved by saving the time and the effort that is required. The online capabilities also ensures that the services can be accessed at all times and in a variety of places for the benefit of the business.


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